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I had a quick look and will deffo watch it all at some point.

My one concern is that they try to make it look too 'ominous hard man', with the slo mo etc.

It's a well established Army selection/qualification course that is really difficult, for sure. No need to Hollywood it up so much FFS! ;)
Hello Off Hot, congratulations on your acceptance!

I've recently applied for RMC as well, and have scheduled an interview for the upcoming week.

I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about it, since it looks you have a pretty good understanding of the whole process by now.
What will I have to prepare for? What type of questions should I be expecting, and are there any sample questions?

Any particular things to look out for?

How should I respond if they ask, "why should we choose you?"

If there is additional information regarding the interview, it would be more than appreciated.

Thank you.
I think selection boards are held every month. If I was a betting man, I would bet that you will be selected for NWO at the next selection board (December or latest January). I think your selection will happen soon and the process will be pretty quick.

Best of Luck

Where are you from now? I live in Trenton so grew up right next to the base. I'm divorced with no kids, so this is the time for me to finally pursue a dream.
I live in Halifax! I spent time in Victoria as well, so I don’t have a preference on coast. That’s what really drove me to go in the Navy, the good postings!

I’m glad that you get to pursue your dream! I hope you hear something soon regarding selection!
Thanks! I'll keep you informed if anything pops up. Hope you avoided the worst of that storm that came through...
Hey Brian,

I was in the CAF for 10 years as a NCM. I released and went to university and completed my degree.

I applied for NWO and it took nearly a year to schedule and complete my MOST and interview. But to give you an idea on the selection board for NWO:
I was CL in July, selection board in August. I was selected in August and back in the CAF in September. I’m hearing that NWO is severely short on personnel.
Finished Bold Eagle program this summer! Now I wait to hear back from the regiment I wish to join.

I noticed that your processing is going through CFRC Halifax, mine too. My applicant portal just changed to 'Selected' as well, but I have not received any information. I assume an offer is coming soon, but have to be patient for now. Have you heard anything from the Recruiting Centre in the last few days?

I have 2 weeks until I isolate for a week and then go. Now that it's actually happening its scary how quickly it's coming lol.
That’s very quick!

I have a friend that just completed the LOG O course and due to the pandemic, it was completely online. That’s good news! You should be able to complete your LOG O training pretty quickly after BMOQ.

best of luck and please keep in touch and let me know how everything is going!
Best of luck to you guys

I was wondering how long you waited to be selected from CL. I am currently on competition list in April 2021 and have not heard since then.
Hello Thatoneguy! I have a question for you I'm going to Air crew Selection soon, and I was wondering if you could give me some insight on what to expect and how to best prepare? Do I have to do tough math in my head? Any pointers would help! Thanks!!
I am not sure what I am doing here. Trying to dispel the load of crap that was the CBC article. My post seems to have been deleted and I assume the asshat that runs this site wants money. I put a lot into what I posted and its gone. The guy that runs this site is a censure. If info can't be forwarded freely I won't bother with enlightening anyone to facts.
Mike Bobbitt
Mike Bobbitt
I am that asshat, and still waiting for a response to the private message sent to you regarding your post right after it was put on hold. All good, I now have my answer, so response no longer required.