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I guess my biggest fear is the fear of failure and messing up because of my ADHD and the iceberg of symptoms it can affect.
Do you have any insight as to who was responsible for and why the 3 reg force regiments were reduced to nil strength (guards, QOR and Black Watch Watch). I have read the history and realize those units were selected in the 1950s mostly to meet NATO commitments.

If you have a minute of 50, would love to hear if and what you know of why and the whats happened. Thanks
Edward Campbell
Edward Campbell
Now, rumour ~ but a rumour from a source I believe is (was, actually, dead now) 100% reliable and was totally "in the know:" Pierre Trudeau actually proposed, to his cabinet (early in 1969?) to totally disband the Canadian Armed Forces and make Canada a neutral national ~ a sort of large, cold, Costa Rica.
Edward Campbell
Edward Campbell
Rumour (cont) He had his reasons, but he was told that he would face a cabinet revolt which would, 95% certainty, cost him his job as PM and his political career. His minister knew that a neutral disarmed Canada would in m months. not years, become nothing more than a US protectorate.

Hope that helps.
awesome. thanks
I hope to one day be better at contributing to this place with advice. Need more experience in life me thinks.
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I had a quick look and will deffo watch it all at some point.

My one concern is that they try to make it look too 'ominous hard man', with the slo mo etc.

It's a well established Army selection/qualification course that is really difficult, for sure. No need to Hollywood it up so much FFS! ;)
Hello Off Hot, congratulations on your acceptance!

I've recently applied for RMC as well, and have scheduled an interview for the upcoming week.

I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about it, since it looks you have a pretty good understanding of the whole process by now.
What will I have to prepare for? What type of questions should I be expecting, and are there any sample questions?

Any particular things to look out for?

How should I respond if they ask, "why should we choose you?"

If there is additional information regarding the interview, it would be more than appreciated.

Thank you.
I think selection boards are held every month. If I was a betting man, I would bet that you will be selected for NWO at the next selection board (December or latest January). I think your selection will happen soon and the process will be pretty quick.

Best of Luck

Where are you from now? I live in Trenton so grew up right next to the base. I'm divorced with no kids, so this is the time for me to finally pursue a dream.
I live in Halifax! I spent time in Victoria as well, so I don’t have a preference on coast. That’s what really drove me to go in the Navy, the good postings!

I’m glad that you get to pursue your dream! I hope you hear something soon regarding selection!
Thanks! I'll keep you informed if anything pops up. Hope you avoided the worst of that storm that came through...