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Yazidis to Canada (split fm SYR Refugees to Canada)

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One family's story ...
A Winnipeg mother, a Yazidi refugee, is astonished to discover her 12-year-old son is alive after being rescued from ISIS.

Nofa Zaghla, from northern Iraq, says her family was separated in August 2014 when they were captured by ISIS.

She came to Canada five months ago with four of her six children. Days ago, she got a call from a relative in Iraq who said her son Emad Mishko Tamo is alive after being rescued from the Islamist extremists.

"Because of ISIS being so evil, and torturing boys and killing everyone that doesn't do as they say, we didn't think we would ever see [him] again," she said.


The Yazidi Association of Manitoba is advocating on behalf of Zaghla and her family because of the language barrier.

"We've sent letters and emails to all the MPs across the country," said Hadji Hesso, the association's director.

Hesso said he has spoken with federal immigration officials and is hopeful the boy will be reunited with his mother ...
Not open for further replies.