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Where to get ripple soled boots



Wondering if anyone knew of a store here in Manitoba/Canada that sells Ripple soled jungle boots, or a cobbler in Brandon/Winnipeg that has ripple soles.

Lookin to get a pair for garrison an road marches.
You could try these guys:

If i'm not mistaken their located in, Neepawa, Manitoba?
While not a Canadian source, the two major manufacturers that do ripple soled boots are Altama, www.altama.com, and Wellco, www.wellco.com.

I've used ripple soled desert boots and whilst they were great for gripping onto handrails and such on a LAV, they sucked in the mud, as they clog up immediately and retain the mud for some time.
I've heard thats a problem with those boots, but I already got other boots for the field. Just gonna use ripple soled boots for garrison, road marches an FIBUA.

If I can't find a Canadian source I'll just order off the Altama site, I didn't see the ripple sole on the Welco site, just their Panama
an Tuffkusion soled boots.
Although these aren't ripple sole, they've gotten some decent reviews and would seem to fit the bill for what you're looking for at an extremely affordable price:
Doesn't CPGear still have some in the disco section? They used to anyway.
We did have some Altama ripple sole jungle boots, but they were a pretty slow mover, so we discontinued them.
I got a pair of Altama Jungle Boots with Panama Soles from CPGEAR awhile ago, saw the ripple sole boots on the site too, but they were $20 so I just thought they were cheap Asian knockoff boots.
I'm thinking about buying a pair or Altamas with Panama soles then getting them re-soles with Vibrams at the 2RCR kitshop.
2RCR Kitshop does that? Do you have an idea what ballpark price to get that done?
$60 is what I was told by a Royal I work with, haven't talked to anyone that works there but I saw a pair of re-soles desert boots in a display case in the kitshop.