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Where do you call home?

Where do you call home?

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Home can be a few places!  For me Scotland (where I was Born and now live) or Mississauga Ont (where I grew up) but maybe home to allot of who use this website is the Canadian Forces and the unit we serviced in and became family and that for me would have to be the 48th Highlanders!

Hope everyone has a good and safe Christmas and New Year!

And to my brother and sister Highlanders DILEAS  :cdn:
BernDawg said:
I'm from Northern Ontario or should I say Northwestern Ontario cause people from Toronto think Northern Ontario starts in Barrie!  It's a little place about 4 hrs Northwest of Sault Ste Marie called Manitouwadge (say that 5 time fast!).  Now I consider my self a westerner cause I haven't lived any where farther East than Winnipeg since 1985. (I don't count the year I had to spend In Gag-town on my 3's)

Wow!  I spent last summer in Terrace Bay, hehe.

I'm from a small town in Northwestern Ontario called Geraldton, haha.  We're one of the few regions actually having a white christmas, haha.
Well missed out on the poll...
I am from NS but presently posted to St Jean QC...something about making me bilingual  ::)

Was originally born in Ontario and lived there for 21 years but now I call Alberta home.
I'm living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina now.  Before that, lived all my live on PEI (except for courses and call-outs).  Hey, Librarian, how long have you been with the Sup Det?  I retired from the PEIR in 03.
Currently calling Wainwright, AB home......... but originally from Humboldt, Sask.
Now calling St-Jean Qc, the Mega, home.  ;D

My a$$ belongs to CFLRS for the time being...
Mud Recce Man said:
Now calling St-Jean Qc, the Mega, home.   ;D

My a$$ belongs to CFLRS for the time being...

Just your a$$?  To whom does the rest of you belong?  ;)
Hauptmann Scharlachrot said:
Just your a$$?  To whom does the rest of you belong?  ;)

I don't have a brain, according to HLs, and I think the rest of me is gonna be used for spare parts?  ;D
I live in Vancouver now....but still don't really consider it home.  I grew up in SW Ontario, mainly Chatham, but since my Mom is in London that's where I go when I go back to visit now.  I still call Ontario home.  ;D
{insert Rastafarian accent} Grew up on the Island Man!    8)
The Island of Montreal.  :D

But Like many I call Ontario home.  It's a great place to live.
I live in Alberta but I am from New Westminster, B.C., which will always be home.
I'm from B.C.( born on Vancouver Island), living in Ontario
I live in Saint-Laurent, a borough in Montreal. Quebec is my home province.
Interesting topic

New Westminster BC in 58 til the ripe age of 6 weeks, then
Keno City Yukon until 1967
Victioria BC til 71
Bremerton Washington til 72
Victoria BC til Nov 75 when a very nice policeman drove me to the recruiting centre
Some place called Cornwallis NS
Shilo til Nov 76 with 3 RCHA...
Lahr Germany til 80 with 1 RCHA
Trenton Ont til 87
Cold Lake AB til 99 (yes.... 12 years)
Geilenkirchen Germany til 03
Petawawa Ont til 05 (23 months, but I wasn't counting  ;D )
Comox til now!
Yukon Gold is the name of my bike and I love it in Yukon every time I visit and it "feels" like home...but no way will I retire there.
Germany was 8 and a half years of my life.  I loved it there too.
I have lived coast to coast from Victoria to Newfoundland, and now I'm living in Cowville Nova Scotia.  I hope no more moves, now that the other half retired from the Air Force. 
Originally from the Rock. Retired after 24+years so wife could have her choice of a last posting on the north shore of Quebec (Sept Iles). Will be here until '10. Been here for 7 months; Startin' to believe I'm the only anglo square-head here...Nice place to visit.... :salute:

Originally from Fort Qu' Appelle, Saskatchewan.
Lived/Posted to Halifax for 12 years (met the wife there)
Live/Posted in Victoria for the last 5 years.

Home to me is where my Wife & son are, that is the only thing that matters to me.
I have spent so much time away from them that I don't care what the Postal Code is,
just that they will be there waiting there for me.

Someday home will be Nova Scotia, we plan on retiring there someday.
Some strange places I have been posted before I joined with the family:

Thunder Bay , ONT for 3 years.
Greenwood , NS for about 10.
Shilo , MB for about 6.

Myself ;

Shilo off to CFLRS St Jean Quebec to Borden ONT back to Shilo then back to Borden then to Esquimalt! Just like everyone else.

I reside in CFB Shilo right now but my ' home ' is my Parents hometown where I believe is my home too , North Sydney Cape Breton , NS.

My Mom always said to me though " Home is where the military sends you "