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Whens the next BMQ in the Toronto area?


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Hey folks,

I just got past my last hurdle for signing up to join the reserve forces.  All that is left, is for the regiment to process my paper work.

I was wondering if anyone knows when the next BMQ is going to be?  or if I am going to have to wait till the summer to do the full time option.

thanks in advance!
Unfortunatly for you my friend you most likely will be sitting idle till the fall from what i understand i am on one of the last recruits among 59 others to be on bmq 6 running out of fort york in toronto and also i hear there are no summer bmqs unless you get on a coop bmq/sq course i think ur out of luck ps what regiment did u sign up with
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I'm applying as DEO in 32 CBG, and the unit is telling me they expect I'll be on course all summer.  Are officer applicants a special case, or is someone just wrong?
Just got off the phone with them.  looks like I will be swearing in next friday.

I must say, I am excited and proud to have made it thus far.
Hey guys,
I just put in all my paperwork in for the reserves and i am just waiting for my testing dates and such, but i'm wondering if this would be the same case for some one joining 700 Communications Squadron in Borden Ontario. (Is 700 Comms Sqn in LFCA?)


The Comm Sqn in Borden is part of the Comm Group headquartered in Toronto, which is part of Land Force Central Area (LFCA).