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What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

PMedMoe said:
Never mind the time management classes, what they need is a class on taking responsibility and owning up to one's actions.  ::)

That would be SO un-Gen Me though...the instructor would likely have to through chalk brushes at the students to make them pay attention...and can you imagine the complaints from the helicopter mom's and the students from when they all have to repeat the class for failing grades  ;D...I'm actually starting to like this idea just to hear all the snivelling that will occur.

Beiber is getting slammed in another forum a bit and I just came up on this during game 7 of the NBA playoffs.

There's comes a time in every child star's life when they start their downward spiral....
PMedMoe said:
Students blame Facebook for flunking grades

Dozens of Dalhousie University students are unliking Facebook after failing their classes and landing in summer school.

As much as 15 per cent of engineering students are flunking out, said J. Pemberton Cyrus, the dean of the engineering department. He said many of them point the blame at Facebook and other forms of social media.

"It was one of the biggest issues for me," admits student Ibraheem Albayati, who spent too much of his first year online. He's now in a special summer program to bring him up to speed with his studies.

More at link

:facepalm:  ::)

medicineman said:
Couldn't possibly have been the fault of the users now could it... ::)

I thought you had to be smart to (A) get into Dalhousie and (B) get into Dalhousie Engineering...


This never would have happened when it was Technical University of Nova Scotia.

I blame the failing influence of all the other lesser programs that skewed the curve when we were forced to amalgamate. >:D
SEQUESTER ON MY MIND: Sequestration was definitely on a lot of minds aboard the USS Bush as it was underway yesterday, Ewing reports. Crewmembers grumbled that they have little certainty about when their ship will next deploy. And X-47B team members aboard the carrier acknowledged they were dealing with furloughs even as their baby was set to make its first arrested landing.

Deputy program manager Don Blottenberger said over lunch in the wardroom that some of his team members had gotten permission to postpone their furloughs until after this week’s test. As for Blottenberger, however, he said he had no choice but to bank some hours even at sea aboard the carrier — “I am furloughing in place,” he said.
Only a good guy with a tampon can stop a bad guy with a tampon


Inside Texas' state legislature, loaded guns are fairly common. As the New York Times reported in March, "Just as Texas has long embraced its guns, so has the Capitol. Legislators have walked the terrazzo hallways, attended committee hearings, met with constituents in their offices and voted on the floors of their respective chambers while armed with licensed high-powered pistols tucked beneath their suits or slipped into their boots or purses."

But as debate begins in the state Senate on sweeping restrictions to reproductive rights, tampons are being confiscated. No, seriously.

Women are being forced to throw out tampons and maxi pads to enter the Senate gallery, which has been confirmed by DPS. [...]

However, people with concealed handgun licenses are allowed to bypass long lines to enter the Gallery through the expedited CHL entrance, and per DPS, if a person has a CHL, they can take their gun into the gallery.

For the record, this is not a joke. I've confirmed this with many people in Austin this afternoon.

Apparently, conservatives believe progressive activists will, after the vote, throw tampons at Republican state lawmakers who approve the bill. So, anything that "can be thrown at" the senators is being confiscated before citizens can enter the gallery.

Sometimes the war on women is offensive, and sometimes, it's just farcical. When tampons are considered more dangerous than loaded firearms, I think it's safe to say Texas Republicans have gone off the deep end.

Ironically, GOP leaders in Austin said they intended to prevent a "circus atmosphere" in the state Senate today. So much for that idea.

Update: For more on this story, you can reference our previous coverage, including yesterday's state House vote and state Sen. Wendy Davis' (D) dramatic filibuster two weeks ago. There's also Stand With Texas Women on Tumblr and the #txlege hastag on Twitter.

Second Update: It's not just Texas; Republicans in North Carolina are advancing new restrictions on reproductive rights this afternoon, too.

Third Update: It appears the public attention was too embarrassing -- according to the Texas Tribune, law enforcement eventually stopped the confiscation of tampons. It's not clear if women whose tampons were taken from them unfairly will be able to reclaim them from police at the Capitol, but I rather doubt it.

Insert misogynistic joke here.

Where Is My Army Wife Pay?

Dear Ms. Vicki,
My husband graduated from West Point two years ago, and I am basically living below an acceptable standard. I was never raised like this. My poor grandmother has been sending me money for the past year just so I can have the things I am accustomed to.
Ms. Vicki, I was told that Army wives are paid a monthly stipend just for being a wife at a minimum of $800. The amount is supposed to increase based on rank. Mine should at least be $1,000. Could you please let me know who to talk to so I can discuss this issue? I have not seen any of this money, and it’s been two years now.
I’m used to nice expensive things, and my husband promised my father that he would take care of me just like he did when I was living at home. I’m so jealous of my little sisters because they are still living at home with my parents.
When I go home to visit, the first thing my mother does is take me to the hairdresser because I’m a mess and I can’t afford to get it done. I feel so sad and angry every day.
I’m mad at my husband for choosing to be in the Army, and I’m mad that I am living in such an awful place. I don’t think this will get better for me.
I’m so homesick, and the other wives act like this is the best life they have ever had. They are not like me. We are not the same, so I don’t have any friends. Everyone keeps pushing the Family Readiness Group -- the FRG this and the FRG that, but the women are like Stepford Wives who live, eat and breathe the Army. They are ridiculous!

I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma in education, but I can’t get a teaching job because Texas makes it so hard for someone like me to get certified.
I just don’t know what to do anymore, and my husband is stressing out because he knows I’m not happy because he doesn’t make enough money. I’m trying to understand how to adapt to this situation, but I don’t think I can because I can’t live like this.
My parents spent thousands of dollars for my wedding, and I feel like they did everything for nothing.
Missing Oklahoma

Continued on link
I was starting to think this was something akin to Duffleblog, but WOW.

Have to commend Miss Vicki for not saying what she really wanted to say.

Yep. A marriage made in heaven, that will last the ages. Hope they are practicing safe sex, 'cause no child deserves to start out life in a situation like that.
and another one diminishes the gene pool.............
Scooby Doo, The First Atheist Brainwashing Cartoon Reviewed

Scooby Dooby Doo is an atheist propaganda cartoon that reached its zenith during the turbulent, drug-fueled 1960s. The show featured a talking dog, a marijuana addicted hippie and three ‘free love’ college students who frequently engaged in off-screen coitus, without the bounds of marriage.

On the surface, the show purported to be a simple, fun buddy adventure archetype where four friends and their Great Dane dog engaged in riveting investigations. Parents felt comfortable letting their children watch a repurposed Sherlock Holmes, with teenaged college students being the protagonists.

But parents of the 1960s and even today could not understand the true agenda of this show: anti-theist brainwashing.

In each and every episode, the ‘villains’ of Scooby Doo turned out to be people of faith. They dress in costumes that suggest an afterlife or belief in a higher power, to only be defrocked and defrauded by the heroes of the shows, representations of very anti-theist values.

To get a full understanding of just how damaging and sneaky the show is with its agenda, a breakdown of the core characters and mores each episode espouse.

More at link

Makes you wonder what was in the Kool-Aid....  :facepalm:

Edit to add:  Not sure if the site is deliberately satirical or not....
In each and every episode, the ‘villains’ of Scooby Doo turned out to be people of faith. They dress in costumes that suggest an afterlife or belief in a higher power, to only be defrocked and defrauded by the heroes of the shows

or....they showed the hypocrisy of the establishment....... :2c:
Freddie also wears an ascot, cementing his position in the homosexual sexual community as a Yankee Doodle Dandy. Dandies are men who oft dress in the highest New York fashions, attracting attention of struggling college students who will likely give them whatever they want, just for a few dollars for food or tuition money.

Uh-oh...I wore an ascot with work dress in the 80s...as did a few other tens of thousands of men in the CF...Holy repressed orientations, Batman!!!
This does explain a lot about my life. I watched way too much Scooby Doo when I was a kid apparently.

Damn you Hanna Barbera!
Sadly, it was hard to tell with that one.  :nod:
I hadn't thought that way....until I read the article.  Now the drug references are so clear -- to say nothing of women's evil temptations!  :nod:
I must say, I always thought that Velma was a little dumper than her picture in the article...I was always more of a Daphne kind of guy, but gotta say...Velma's pic has me rethinking the rotund librarian type...
Good2Golf said:
I must say, I always thought that Velma was a little dumper than her picture in the article...I was always more of a Daphne kind of guy, but gotta say...Velma's pic has me rethinking the rotund librarian type...

Rotund?  Look who played her in Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0004802/?ref_=sr_1


These two lines came out of a woman that I work with in the last couple days;

"The road was closed so I didn't know if I should get on the highway going Eastbound or Westbound, and my gps wasn't working because it was cloudy and couldn't receive information"

And finally yesterday;

I stated I finally rented out my apartment. She asked "When are they moving in?". I stated "On the 15th" and she quickly responded "This month?"

At this point it's the 23rd....

Seriously everyone around my area at the same time put their hands on their forehead.