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What Was/Is Your Biggest Obstacle?

Well, at the moment my biggest obstacle is a childhood diagnosis of ADHD. I'm in the process of doing some hoop-jumping, and getting assessments done to prove that I'm a capable of wearing CADPAT.

Maybe they're trying to test my devotion, maybe they're actually worried that I have some "debilitating" mental disorder. Either way, I'm gonna keep plugging away, and push my case/application until they either accept me, or get a restraining order stating that I'm not allowed within 50 feet of a CFRC.

I just got a good chunk of testing out of the way, a big chunk of which seems dedicated to intelligence. This worries me, since I already know how smart I am. I need proof that I have no ADHD issues. Should be interesting to see the outcome.
j0hn_r1 said:
My biggest obstacle... My criminal record...  :(

It all depends on the criminal record, how long ago it was and the nature of the crime, I hear assaults are not good but do know some guys get in, but their records are like mine 6+ years ago.
It might be in your best interest to apply for a Pardon before the rules start changing, I did and about 6-9months away, as long as your conduct has been good for 3-5years and completed all fines, probation etc your good to go, and make sure to tell them everything!!! Some guy I heard got denied because of a speeding ticket that wasnt disclosed(not good conduct)

Like I said it all depends how long ago, people change!
My biggest obstacles:

1)fitness-I have never been in the best of shape and its a long a@# windy road but im getting there
2)myself- In the back of my mind I have always wanted to do this but much like a few other things in life i hit a road block or bump in the road and convince myself that it wasnt meant to be or im just not good enough(insert violin music here!!!!) this time im saying screw it and following through to the bitter end no matter the consequences!!

RTG :cdn:
Mine now, getting this darn Prohibition for Firearms totally lifted and shredded!!!!!!!!!
If I had to pick one... it's telling my dad.

My imagination has this whole recorded conversation of how it will go, when realistically and judging on previous behaviour, it won't go nearly as poorly.

For the other worries I have, this site has been endlessly helpful.
For me, it's the file transfer ive had to put in, from Moncton to Halifax, cause we moved at the end of June
For me, I think it's  getting in shape. I admit it,I'm a chair jockey at home. although it is a 3k walk from home to work. so, i think I'll break out the runners, and go for it.
Realizing that my purpose in life was more than making money. Coming to terms with the fact that their are more important things in this world that my own personal happiness.
Stacked said:
My biggest obsticle is lack of open positions this year! And waiting for the medical to return from Ottawa before the last few slots close up for my trades.
I'm in a race against time!

As of lately, have you gotten a job offer, and asked if your medical has been cleared? Out of curiosity, what trade did you apply for?
Stacked said:
Im calling them tomorrow morning to see if my medical has cleared yet..
Also the trades I applied for are NCIOP and Nav Comm, probably going to go for Sonar Op. If both of those are closed..

I had my interview last Thursday (July 15, 2010) and was told that the NavComm was closed.  Unfortunately, I did not ask what trades are still open other than my 1st choice (MP).

Good Luck.
My biggest obstacle was dedicating myself to working out. Initially I wanted to apply to the reserves.
However, when I visited at unit I saw what they were doing and I knew I was not ready.
I decided that I needed to work out regularly. The discouraging part was my push-ups and cardio were horrible. Being a football player for many years made me good at strength and speed. However, my endurance was horrible.

I started running 3 times a week and had a workout created for my needs.
The best advice I received for training my cardio was "run for 45 minutes at a pace slightly faster than walking".

As for my push-up dilemma, I found the 100 push-up website. It has helped me significantly increase my endurance.

So about six months later, I returned to the recruiting center. I applied for Rotp. During the wait, I continued to work on my personal fitness.
At the moment, im looking forward to leaving for Orientation and Fyop in a few weeks.

I never thought I would be able to run as fast and as far as I can now.
Stacked said:
Yep. Just called today, my medical cleared and I am merit listed for positions that are all closed. Go figure lol.
I'm glad that my file is complete though, he said i'll be the one they call when spots open. So time to start the long wait, lots of time to train though...
Lots of positives and negatives.

Good to hear! It's a big relief to find out that your medical is cleared. It was for me anyway. I start my BMQ in mid October. Good luck
Biggest Obstacle for me is financial situation. I passed my first CFAT for the trades I wanted, along with the medical. Things were slow and my trades closed so they asked if a LCIS tech trade was wanted to do, but would have to redo the CFAT to score higher. Re-took the CFAT and did just that along with a updated medical because they mentioned if I go for BMQ in Dec-Jan, that my previous medical would be out-dated. Did everything the other day (medical, CFAT and interview) only to be told that my financial situation is still a big huddle that needs to be taken care of. Since I've been unemployed for some time now, I hate the fact that I wasted the whole day in a RC only to be in the same spot I was last year  :( But, hoping that shortly something can fruit and I'll be making payments on my financial situation to further my progress into the CF as only the financial situation is holding me back from them putting a BMQ start date on my file.
So now that I have completed my update interview i am told that my file is all green and all that remains is for papers to be drawn up and sent to the unit for a hopeful job offer.  The only thing that could delay me more(so far) is whether or not my reserve unit is stood down for the summer which means i may be waiting until september.  Thankfully even thats not all that far away!!!

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Hmmm, getting hit by a truck at Christmas I would say, oughta do it.  Worked my arse off too, to not only get better fast, but to keep progressing as best I could under the circumstances! I'm pretty determined when I set a goal so, really... obstacles don't stop me from getting where I'm going but sometimes a different technique/route is required to get past/through them.
My biggest obstacle is a sad one, my parents. I have to upgrade my high school to advance bio, and have been working on it got about a year,  and since i took general in high school my marks of 70 - 80 made me happy. Ive had lasik and work out and have gone on a fairly strict diet, and every time i pass one goal, if there's a slight obstacle IE limited space or a long wait till bmq , all they do is tell me to quite or give up and find another job - preferably some dead end one.

does this happen to anyone else or just me?
The fact that there are hardly any available positions, and I cant hand in an application to get into the available positions
Definitely my vision. I have terrible uncorrected eyesight (fortunately, I do plan to get LASIK).

The only other thing is physical fitness, but that is fixable.