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What camps should there be?

Nault_army said:
In my opinion, it would be difficult to offer a search and rescue course and a field medic course as you need higher than first aid to do these jobs.. It would be more of a real job than a cadet camp. Most of these link to physical fitness though, and everyone knows what options are available for that. Survival course is Adventure, where in Valcartier you can also get your life guard license if you apply for it and go to the beach near the base for a few days  ;D You can also get your scuba diving license in the Caymen Islands (exchange). I do believe there was a badge for scuba diving before, as well as a medic assistant badge from 1978 until 1992. Too bad it isn't offered anymore  :(

The emergency medical responder course offered by the JIBC is a three week course and you can work as a level 1 paramedic in BC with it. So it might be a bit expensive (cost me $1400) but it would be doable.