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Anyone out there know what the boot name (type of wellington) you wear with the blue's or mess dress?
Also if you know a contact to purchase these.

::) They are called "Wellingtons".  You can buy them where you can buy most Western Boots.  Boulet manufactures Wellingtons here in Canada.  I am sure there are other companies that do also.  Perhaps, if you are purchasing Mess Kit, you should ask the agent about the boots too?
i thought there are hundreds of types of wellingtons.  i already have mess kit,  i am just going through a transfer, and need the boots now.  thanks for the advice though. I'll check it out on the internet.
Quarter wellingtons
heels boxed for spurrs
I believe quarter wellingtons are similar to shoes, half wellingtons are high tops and wellingtons are british for rubber boots.
full wellingtons are = Riding boots
quater wellingtons are appropriate for wear with Mess Kit & patrol blues - bout the height of ankle boots
My mess kit boots disappeared between Cyprus and Gagetown, and there was no way I was going to pay the horrendous prices they wanted for the proper footwear here in Canada, so, keeping in mind the traditions that are oh-so-important to Canada's senior Armoured Regiment, I wore my cowboy boots.

I also strapped on a pair of no-nonsense made for working spurs that jingled and jangled and jingled when I walked.

Granted, the first time I wore them I was flanked by the RSM and all the SSM's. They pretended to be mad, but I'm pretty sure it was just for show...after all, they are the ones pushing the Regimental histories, right? Right.

Well, to make a long story short I wore a Mess Kit for the first time in 1985, and retired in 2005. No idea how many times I've worn the mess kit since, but every time I had it on, I also had a pair of brown cowboy boots and spurs at the bottom of the trousers. Still got swarmed by various RSM's and SSM's, but never did one day of extra's.

Show some respect for tradition Son! :)

Buy a pair of Cowboy boots, and wear them with pride....just make sure to wipe the cowpoop off of them before the dinner....and tell them Garry said it was ok :)


You could of at least got a "Dress/Sunday go to Church" pair of CowBoy Boots in Black.    ;D
hehe..... black boots for Weddings, funerals n'going to church

oh yeah

Somehow, don't see myself wearing black safety boots with linesmen spurrs...... would do terrible things to the carpet and the Mess manager would not see the humour :)