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Well once again I stand misinformed (and corrected)


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Re: Well once again I stand misinformed and corrected

Posted by Grunt Captain from Canada on January 24, 1999 at 18:33:22:

In Reply to: Well once again I stand misinformed and corrected posted by Michael A. Dorosh on January 24, 1999 at 13:52:03:

Traditionally new colours are presented by royalty or their vice regal representatives. Quite often members of the royal family will present colours to Canadian battalions on their visits to Canada - The Queen, Princess Anne, Prince Philip, Charles or Andrew. Usually if a regiment has a Colonel in Chief or Honourary Colonel who is a member of the royal family, they will be invited to present a new stand of colours. For example, the Lorne Scots had their most recent stand of colours presented by the Duke of Kent. As the royal family is not often able to present new colours in Canada, quite often they are presented by the Governor General or provincial Lieutenant Governors as the vice regal representatives.

As for the Princess of Wales‘ Own Regiment PWOR in Kingston Ontario, their new stand of colours was prepared a few years prior to Princess Diana‘s death, and it was hoped that she would return to the battalion to present them. Unfortunately, due to her divorce, she had to relinquish her position as Colonel in Chief of the regiment. This she did in a formal letter, of which a copy was given to every serving soldier in the regiment. Of course her death little more than a year later was mourned by the regiment, and their current colours were carried draped in black in a memorial church parade. Draping the colours in black for a funeral procession is also traditional. The PWOR have been attempting to organize a presentation of their new colours for the past year or so. Their new Honorary Colonel, Ontario Lieutenant Governor Hillary Weston will likely present them soon. The PWOR‘s current colours bear a cipher in the centre with the letter "A" for Princess Alexandria who was the Princess of Wales when the regiment was founded. The new colours bear a cipher "D" for Diana in the centre, as well as the old cipher with the "A" in the corner.

As for old stands of colours it is traditional to lay them up in a church, usually the regimental chapel, in order to be stored for all time - untill they literally fall to tatters. In recent history this tradition continues, however colours are now also lain up in museums and city halls. Of course the battalion colours and company colour points of the Canadian Guards were laid up at Rideau Hall in the care of the Governor General, for safekeeping until that "one day when they will be carried once again".

I hope you find this interesting. I do!

Grunt Captain