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Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

Pertains to site upgrades, performance, and general operation
Is it possible with this new software to have the date/time indicated when quoting a previous post, in the same manner as before? While following some of the threads there were a few times when the quoted posts were several months old, but the comments could have been taken as pertaining to events happening today. While clicking on the quoted post to see where they got that information clarified matters, if I had been aware that it was from months before, I would have just ignored it as not necessarily pertinent to the current discussion.
I don’t believe so, but if you click on the username attached to the quote it jumps to the post which displays the date and time.
New spam from accounts:


The russian they posted translates to Garage door height.

I suspect the link isn't malicious but is being used as part of Search Engine Optimization. Making links on other peoples sites so they can increase their google or yandex rating.

I didn't want to give them more exposure for their misdeeds
https://pastebin.com/30WUJzcj (expires in one week)
With password.

Perhaps a couple more CAPTCHA's on registration?
Re: quote timestamps

Looks like that's not an option, the closest is to click on the arrow next to the quoted user's name to go to the original post. I've made a request of the XenForo devs to consider adding it. No idea if it will make the cut.
Very nice Mike! I'll have to get used to it and find my way around again :)

Any rate over all, I like it :)
You appear to be getting spammed, I see a crap ton of new posts and a few that I’ve checked are questionable looking hyperlinks.
In the past we didn't want to make it too difficult to join the forum and lose new potential posters but maybe it's time to reconsider making it a little more difficult to join to prevent spam.

Something like requiring manual approval of people wanting to join the forums. Could include a short non-identifying intro or something so the mods can see they're relatively human.
There is a captcha and some of the accounts are getting caught in the StopForumSpam filter. This user came from a common IP address so working that piece to start IP banning to slow them down.
What's going on here:
There are a few pages that seem to pop-up this way.
Clicking on images in the Wiki is broken... haven't been able to find a fix yet. :(

The old Navy.ca and Air-Force.ca themes are back. I am certain some tweaking will still be needed but they are mostly set and ready to go. You can change styles by clicking on the "Default style" link on the lower left of every page, or use this link to go directly to the style selector:

Happy Friday :)
Hi. Thanks for doing all this work, it really adds to the experience of being in uniform, a really great service to the community. Lots of time and work in all this!

On the old format, there were links at the top of the page to show new activity since your last login, and new responses to your posts. Does that exist somewhere in here? I've done my old guy click and search through the menus up top, but can't seem to find anything that brings up those filters. Is it still there? Thanks!
Hi QM,

In the menu bar at the top, there should be an entry called "What's New" and clicking on that will take you to a page showing all that is new/unseen on the site. There's even a line that divides what's new since your last visit and what's "unseen" prior to that:


The new format takes a bit of getting used to but I think it has most/all of the key features from the old site.

Thanks for the feedback,

Did you adjust the fonts? When I select new posts the screen is an extremely bright green. Screenshot 2021-06-29 092427.jpg
Ditto, but it's very useful. New unread posts are bright green but new post that I have read are dull green ~ good job, Mike!
Ditto, but it's very useful. New unread posts are bright green but new post that I have read are dull green ~ good job, Mike!
Is there a way to limit the bright green bit to either the "replies" column" or something?

Having the entire row bright green is a bit jarring.
I'll see if I can tone it down a bit. :)

It's unfortunately not as simple as it should be to balance one colour change against all of the unintended cascading changes, but I'll take a run at it!