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Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

Pertains to site upgrades, performance, and general operation
Anyway we or you can hide or collapse boards like THE ARCHIVES like we had on the older site?
Looks like it’s not possible with the base software.
It’s automatic, if you pick a positive “like” you give a point. Some are neutral, and some (like trolling spam) or will deduct a point. Here’s what I’ve added so far, I can add/adjust as we go.

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Note: To give a reaction other than Like, click and hold (or tap and hold).
Psychologically speaking 300 Milpoints stroked the ego better than 1 "Like" point. Maybe we needed to control rampant inflation.

("Wow!" strikes me as deserving of a point - although on second thought it could cut both ways)


Incidentally I like the new header bar that let's you go to a new post without having to scroll back up the page.

I think there is a “mod” that may allow collapsing, but at least for now, I’m trying to stay “stock” as much as practical. All of the custom coding and changes to the last stuff made things difficult to maintain over time.
Was just in the process of editing a post and was shut out with a message saying, in essence, my five minutes to edit were up. Please give us a lot more time than that. Some of us screw up a lot and need polishing. :giggle:
Changed to 35 mins, is that reasonable? Trying to balance ease of use against going back and changing the conversation, which has happened in the old days.
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Changed to 35 mins, is that reasonable? Trying to balance ease of use against going back and changing the conversation, which has happened in the old days.
That should do. The last one closed me out in mid edit which left some strange results in the post. Thanks.

I'm on another forum which the new army.ca appears to be very similar too. I really enjoy that forum's functions and so I'm already digging the new changes.
So I went ahead and posted too quickly about something which used to be in the post above mine, I used to be able to delete my post, now I don't appear to be able to, or at least it's not readily apparent to me which one is the delete button?

Also, I agree the 5 minutes for editing is not enough time.... mine still seems to only be allowing 5 minutes. 30-60 minutes is reasonable.
Yep, turns out I changed the wrong spot. 5 mins is now 60 mins, and Subscribers should be able to delete posts again.

Thanks for the feedback, we will reach equilibrium at some point! :D
Something funny going g on with the "approval queqe"
Yeah noticed that. Seems to be resolved now but I’ll keep an eye on things.
While playing with the new board noticed that searching for pre-conversion posts may not be the easiest. I've often used the feature of going to another member's posting history (or my own) to look for something that was previously posted either because I couldn't remember enough specifics to make the search function work or because I was trying to get an impression of the other member's background. As the user names popping up in these first days on the new board were not familiar, I tried the same routine to figure out who these were. Mostly successful, but did notice that for posts made pre-conversion only those threads that are started by one show up and are readily identifiable in your history; posts made in other threads are more difficult to locate.

As I have referenced (and repeated) a couple of my posts a few times in replies over the years, I tried to find one particular post that, when I've repeated it, has usually received one or two complimentary comments. It is https://army.ca/forums/threads/medals-parade.47050/post-409156

It took a while to find it. Using the search function (and hoping that it would be friendlier than the previous version) I used several unique words that I remember using in the original post, verbatim, imbibed, beverages, Queen Elizabeth 2 . . . with and without quotation marks . . . with and without my user name . . . all without success. It either provided no results or results that didn't include any of the posts in which I repeated the text of the original post. I then searched using Google and "site:army.ca" - it was slightly more successful however all the results link only to the general forums page (home page) of this site and not to a specific post or thread. I was able to find the post because the Google results provided the thread titles.

As some of the success (and difference) of this site could be attributed to the years of accumulated knowledge and advice available to those who were often told to do a search and you'll find answers to your question, it may require a bit of forbearance in answering questions in the future until that database of general military ignorance is replicated in a more easily found form.
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Thanks for the info blackadder. This sent me down a path which found a few things. First, the elastic search daemon wasn't automatically starting on reboot. Once I got that sorted, I found that the search index was not correctly built... a manual attempt to build showed that I didn't have enough free disk space on the server in question. Extending that volume got me down the path of upgrading our SSD storage from gp2 to gp3... you get the idea.

Anyway much has been done behind the scenes, hopefully the search (and overall server performance) is a bit better now!*

* Volume migration underway, search index will be rebuilt after that... may take into this afternoon to see the results.
Mike: I like the new look, and the site is now faster too.

In particular, I like the "Similar Threads' that appears at the end of any given thread. Many times we look through a thread thinking "We talked about something like that before", and this new function provides a quick reference to it. Awesome.
Mike- looks like the issue with me being unable to post in the admin board is fixed, thanks!

The new search seems more robust from a couple of quick tests- excellent news! That was always a soft spot on the old server.

Great work, thank you!
Great! Heads up if you have issues in the next few hours I'm doing another upgrade (back-end, no visible change to users).

Apparently I just can't sit still lol.