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Welcome to the Corps.

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OK, here we go.

Seriously though in, addition to the above, I started in '68 and I went N/S because of age in '13. Finished as the TQ of a Reserve Recce Regiment. I have not, even while drinking strange concoctions I've learned over that period, thought about keeping up to date.

Let's get a whole pile of questions out of the way for you before you ask, as much as possible, some of my stuff may be dated, if so, there's no shortage of people that would cut off their right hand for a chance to be the first in line to say I was wrong. [:D

Getting through the atrocious recruiting process was your first introduction to the most incredibly obtuse, non commital, memo sustained system in the world. A great number of CAFGAFSĀ© are cause by this, seemingly archaic, system. I say seemingly because when it works as it's evolved to be now, from it's start at Vimy Ridge (that sounds a little corny, doesn't it) it is blazingly amazing and near indescribable. And no, I'm not making book on percentages. Passed. One down a few million to go.

Now you wait for you first course and introduction to the CAF family. That's just what it is. Like a family, sometimes you have problems with siblings, cousins, parents, you get the idea. You can equate these family members as members of every formation you belong to during your service. Someone will always be responsible for you and not long from now, if you stay, you will be responsible for others. It's not something we dwell on explaining. You will start learning this from the get go. Your Directing Staff (DS) does not live with you. Someone needs to be not only in charge, but RESPONSIBLE, for your section and fire team partner, while the DS are not in your face.

Ok, you'll have to hold on that for now. I have big Armour Corps sausage fingers and I'm on a tablet. It's late and stopping for now. This has just become an ongoing mega post. The first on Milnet! I will continue to add and expand this thread.

I'm going to lock this so it doesn't get cluttered. PM me your questions intead of posting them elsewhere (I just know I'll regret that). I'll do as best to answer, if it's not up to date, someone can pm me and I'll update the mega post.

More to follow. Wait out.