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Welcome to Canada: Here are the new rules or C-17s and how I Hate Disinformation

I snapped this really quick with my camera phone in June 06 as Para (Mike) Coy loaded up on US C-17s to get our American jump wings.  What an awesome piece of kit.


I can't believe that anyone not directly involved (in a conflict of interest way) with competing companies would not approve of us buying C-17s.

Typically we (and the British) pay 10 times the price of something that works to make it ourselves and then it ends up not working.

Gobsmacked said:
Here comes yet more Tory Disinformation!
Remarkably similar to Liberal Spin.

From Thursdays NP [http://www.nationalpost.com/related/topics/story.html?id=2212201 ]

In Canada, rights come with responsibilities. These include the following:

One of Canada's founding principles is the rule of law. Individuals and governments are regulated by laws and not by arbitrary actions. No person or group is above the law.

Unless of course you are a Tory Politician, PWGSC Military Procurement Official, or Civilian & Military Procurement Officials in DND responsible for Acquisition of Major Crown Projects.

Note Gobsmacked2006 Comments from Fri Nov 13.
They only touch the surface of the whole Rotten Military Procurement iceberg.
(Interesting how initial replies conveniently ignore the facts as long as the AF got exactly what it wanted,
with cup holders - as the IL-76 obsessed Taxpayer has noted. 
Who cares if it was done Illegally.  Folks on this biased site sure don't.  Helmet On for the inevitable Flak -  :warstory:  )

Funny how they state: 'One of Canada's founding principles is the rule of law. Individuals and governments are regulated by laws and not by arbitrary actions. No person or group is above the law.' Yet, during the C-17 ACAN competition (a Laughable term, more like a pre-determined shoe-in), the Incompetent and UnEthical Procurement Officials and Military Officers involved at PWGSC and DND not only Broke the Law, they completely Ignored it!

PWGSC & DND ruled out, amazingly on all counts - even though it is basically the same aircraft with the same engines as the C-17, the Fully Compliant BC-17XM / BC-17X & interim C-17 Lease (to cover the interim development period) that we had proposed. And could not even dismiss our Formal Protest until after they somehow convinced the Manufacturer (Boeing) to Disengeneously pull support for their own aircraft!

I think Libya or North Korea probably have more open competitions than exist in Canada, especially under the Tories. Plus, the Military, even though we had submitted a comprehensive formal proposal in 2003, acted like the BC-17 did not even exist (even as a concept) even though they and the Government - who we had sent out a e-mail notice to all ministers involved in spring 2006 before the ACAN was announced - also played dumb and Disengeneously stated there were no suitable competitors.

All in all a pack of Dishonest and Corrupt Incompetent LIARS in the Military Equipment Procurement arm of DND and PWGSC!!!

Also, don't forget the Dishonest and Corrupt Incompetent LIARS who form our current Government and the less-than honest folks at Boeing who got Canada to pay more per C-17 than would have been paid per BC-17XM (a Fully Compliant 'C-17 Lite').

Oh yeah, to a delusional individual who goes by the handle 'Watcher' (from DPs site), who had snottily noted 'The lack of any court challenge says volumes!'. Not only does the whole 'National Security Exemption' prevent such a challenge, (circumvents the whole CITT appeals process) while the since enacted Fairness in Procurement act does not apply retroactively, plus, having the aircraft manufacturer Disengeneously pull their support for their own aircraft basically: cut the legs out from under us for such a challenge.

(http://opo-boa.gc.ca/plainte-complaint-eng.html - The Procurement Ombudsman can investigate:
    * The award of a contract for the acquisition of goods below the value of $25,000 and services below the value of $100,000 where the criteria of Canada's Agreement on Internal Trade applies

BTW, even though we had approached the Auditor General of Canada's [AGC] office, specifically the Dir of Military investigations (a Hugh somebody), it is telling that no AGC report on the C-17 ACAN was ever done, plus they could not even be bothered to follow up with us on it.

And don't forget the oft quoted Bald-faced LIE:  A fair, open and transparent process

An Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN) was the procurement approach used to acquire four strategic lift aircraft.
The ACAN process permits the government to identify an intended contract award recipient based on the mandatory capabilities and detailed market research conducted by the Department.

detailed market research conducted by the Department - Christ, they did not even reference facts which were already well known to them from our Comprehensive 2003 Formal Unsolicited Proposal.  This had garnered positive replies from then MND, CAS, DAR, and AF Chief of Staff.
This method of procurement fosters industry competition, ensures fairness and transparency, and increases the efficiency of procurement timelines.  :rage:
What a load of Crap!

PS: Does not even get into Media aspect, whereby Left/Right wing controlled Media completely ignored the story, while a certain pay-for-disinformation DUD site [http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/canada-joining-the-anglosphere-c17-club-02388/ ] even Threatened to Blackball us, and probably did, because we dared to suggest corrections to inaccuracies and mis truths in his C-17 ACAN story. {Information Way outside his Lane of Knowledge!}
So much for responsible Media.  :o

Also dismissed, for lack of Media comprehensive ability, was our BC-17XMs for Dutch Leo 2A6 (the majority)/2A4 (for Training & Spares)/Buffel Equipment Exchange Proposal Aspect of our ACAN submission.
(I guess thats what Army equipment had to do with a C-17 ACAN SOC - Statement of Capabilities submission.)  ::)
(Not to mention that, as then staunch supporters of the CF - not surprisingly no longer, we had proposed numerous benefits to support the CF and the preferred-AIM of the AD community to maintain a fully-supported AD Regt.  Funny, did not see Boeing or LM do that!)
I see that the DND and O'Connor's preferred - and without the doubling/tripling of IRB benefits from a bigger Cdn purchase,  and more expensive direct purchase of mainly Leo 2A4s [http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20091103/AG_tanks_091102/20091103?hub=Canada ] has really been successful.  :Fri13:

Also completely ignored was the BC-17XMs for UK C-130Js Equipment Exchange Proposal Aspect of our ACAN submission & Tactical Airlift SOI submission, that would have seen the UK's C-17 fleet eased up from Strategic Airlift mission by 2010 to undertake Airlift missions in conjunction with a Canadian and UK C-130J airlift fleet.  Much sooner than the quote Accelerated CC-130J-30 acquisition.  :blotto:
Funny, could have sworn that C-130Js were a compliant Tactical Airlift aircraft.  ::)

This post is like the Peace of God, because it surpasses all of mankind's understanding.