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Oh cool. I thought you may have been my basic marksman WO  ??? wasn't sure so I just had to ask  :p
A lot of people are really sketchy about staffing basics.. did you mind it?
When I applied for staff I asked for CL WO. ( I expected to get a Sgt position, as you usually don't get WO first shot, but you always apply higher just in case) When I got my offer stating Basic WO, I was actually worried/disappointed. I was thrilled I received a WO position, but I really didn't want to "babysit 13 yr olds" all summer up at Tent City.

I very quickly changed my tune though. I remember being at Tent City late one night doing intake for our first group of "twinkies" coming through. Those kids (12-16) were so darn thrilled to be there. I couldn't believe how happy they in turn made me. Now I truly believe staffing the basics is the most challenging position there is, but it is also the most rewarding. For a lot of them it is their first summer away from home, so it's a huge experience for them. I definitely had some nights where I finally crawled into bed at 0300, in order to be up at 0500 to get dressed and wake my platoon, because of shenanigans I had to deal with all night. However, I also got to be the person they went to when they were really homesick, they needed a compassionate RTU because of a tragedy at home, or they just needed someone to turn to. Each intake I remember seeing them all scruffy and rambunctious as they arrived, and then watching them leave with better uniforms, more self confidence, and an overall better knowledge of some basic cadet skills. I don't take credit for it all obviously, but we as staff cadets really do make a small difference in their lives. We have the responsibility of leaving a lasting impression on what summer camp is about, and why they should continue on next summer. 3 years later I still talk to a few of my cadets I staffed that summer. It's really neat that I have been able to offer advice throughout the past 3 years, and that they are now the ones staffing the newbies.

I wouldn't have traded my position at camp for anything. Like I said, most challenging but also most rewarding!
Being a staff cadet in Vernon, I noticed that too. You do a LOT of work, and you work for looong hours training the cadets, ensuring that they meet their timings, and that they are always supervised. For all of the work we do as staff cadets, we dont really get acknowledged for what we do, but we dont care. The fact that our hard work was paid off in the sense that our cadets had learned so much from us, and they had a blast at camp. This was reward enough for me. That has to be a military thing: to work your butt off at a job all summer, and not care wheather you get acknowledged for it.
So, who has applied to go to Vernon this coming up summer (2007)? And what did you apply for?

I hope to be going, either as staff or CLI: D&C or CLI: Rifle Coach. I applied for Vernon/Whitehorse/Connaught for staff, it was my CO's idea, so if I end up in Ontario or the Yukon...  :crybaby: No, but I doubt I'll get staff, no qualifications, you know? But I would love to make staff. But I really hope to do D&C if I don't make staff.
Cadet Warrant-Mann said:
hope to get accepted to CSM precourse, but if not CL WO
Vernon rocks!

I think you'd make a pretty good CSM. Good luck.
Well, another month seems to be taking forever. Its going to be awesome staffing again this year.
Ha then I won't mention it's a touch over a month then  ;D

I know Pacific is actualy doing the hiring right now so letters might be following, we'll see?
  holy crap that tolls of the tounge so well sergeant major Busch  i miss vernon soo much do us proud busch
I would love to. It sounded so cool just to be nominated for CSM next year, but then Australia sounded so much cooler, so thats where I'm going for 2007. I should have time to staff after the exchange though, but definately not as a CSM. Next summer though, Sergeant Major Busch will rule Guard company!
I cant believe how fast this year has gone, it seems like it was only yesterday they were posting the staff lists for Vernon 06, oh well.  Crossing my fingers for Vernon 07!!