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Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre


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Were you ever a staff, cadet or civilian that attended VACSTC :warstory: ?

VACSTC Band Coy Percussion Instructor 2002 & 2004 :cdn:

Vernon Basic (FOXTROT) - 2001
Vernon CL (CHARLIE) - 2003
yea, twice
skipped basic

(CL) cadet leader summer 2003        --- qualified
        C coy 15 plt 3 sec

(CLI) cadet leader - adventure summer 2004      ----- RTU'd for disciplinary reasons :-[
        A coy 7 plt 3 sec

adventure is an excellent course, i definetly recommend it for anyone interested in hiking, biking or canoeing
Hi Janice,

            Yeah, a few years! - chuckle - BTW, an announcement is forthcoming. A new Army Cadet Historical information website will be up soon, the one I spoke about at VACSTC this summer. It will cover many of the camps: Vernon, Banff/Rocky, Ipperwash, Blackdown, Valcartier, Argonaut, Whitehorse, Connaught, Farnham, Aldershot. It will also cover the cadet corps, all nearly 4000 corps since 1879. It's taken many years, but the wait will be worth it. Stay tuned for the announcemnet in November!

Francois Arsenault
Camp Historian
Yep, Junior Leader(two weeks) in 1972, Cadet Leader in 1973, Cadet Rifle Coach( real rifles, 7.62 sportco target rifles) in 1974. Corporal(staff) 1975 and Plt Sergeant in 1976 and 1977. Back then Sergeant was the highest rank we could hold, CSM, Camp Sergeant Major were all Reg Force or reserve. Also we did not parade with our Platoons on Friday night. The Parade ranks came from the cadets on course and were rotated weekly with the best being selected for the grad parade.

The cadets wore Khaki Drill shorts with hosetops and putties with Reg head drees. The Guard ( Cadet Leader Instructor) and Driver Comms ( Colour Party) wore Pith helmets. The parade Commander was a cadet from CLI as was the RSM. The Camp commander did not command the parade.

We as staff wore CF garrison dress, the old Work dress pants bloused over Combat boots and the Short sleeve summer CF shirt plus the hat badge and Head Dress of our sponsoring Unit. I was a 72 Seaforth Highlanders of Canada   Cadet.I was the Cadet RSM in 1976-77. I was in the reserves at the same time 76-77 and was promoted to Cpl in early 77

Cpls were allowed in the junior ranks mess but could not drink unless 19. Sgts were members of the WO/Sgts mess and they had a dry canteen set up for us. We also ate in a Combined Staff Mess not with the Cadets.We got one 72 hr leave pass and could stay away from the camp. We also were allowed to have a personal vehicle at camp. I did and did we ever have fun with that

Any one want to know more drop me a line
Ya, I had fun

CL - C-Coy, 18 plt. 2003
CLI D&C - A-Coy, 3 plt. 2004

was great

Papke?? I think I remember such a person, do you know Cathy Gervais???
This will bring some boo's from the crowd, but I spent a summer in Vernon oddley enough though I was dressed in the blue of the sea cadets who were on the JL (sea) course. That was back in the early 80's when we used to bring a 12 pound naval field gun to the camp and do the naval gun run and shock the drawers off of all the lads/ladies in green. And now I'm preaching the 031 gospel to those who are at the pointy end of the rifle.

Pro Patria
My wife was in Vernon during the Summer of 97. She was a naval band instructor. I guess there was some kind of SNAFU- she was supposed to go to Quadra but ended up in Vernon. Once there, they hung on to her like grim death. She had just graduated university with music/music education degrees. Regina McNeil was her maiden name.

I did Jr. Leader in the summer of 1978. I was a member of the 1705 BCD Cadet Corps in Vernon, yes I grew up in that wonderful town, born and raised. I n 79 I joined the BCD reserve and that was the end of Cadets.
ive done my share of  summers at VACSTC

Basic Cadet - '99 - 28 PL, Golf Coy
Cadet Leader - '00 - 3 Sec, 9 PL, Charlie Coy
Cadet Leader Instructor Rifle Coach - '01 - 1 Sec, 5 PL, Bravo Coy
Staff Cadet Range Sergeant - '03 - HQ Coy
Staff Cadet Platoon Warrant - '04 - CLI Rifle Coach 5 PL, Alpha Coy
took CL in 1980 --------------- RTU'd for medical reasons............ never heeled unable to return

best time.......... made a couple of great friends........... at least made it through "Rambler"
Hey This was my first summer up at VACSTC
It was so awsome! I had the time of my life.
CL - C- Coy 18 Plt. 2 Sec (2004)
I was Top in Company this summer
I loved Camp and i can hardly wait unitl i can go back next summer for D&C!
Chief03 said:
Papke?? I think I remember such a person, do you know Cathy Gervais???

No, i dont think so, whats your last name and where did u and Cathy Gervais go,that we might of met, Camp?, any training / excercises in BC interior, maybe it will jog my memory

Yeah, I went to Vernon, I was in 15 platoon in 2002, Charlie company.  Good times, anyone elso out there who was out there that year??  I also went to Whitehorse in 2003, and then Canaught in 2004,  Adventure in Whitehorse and Para in Ottawa and Trenton.

ya Delta coy 2004 CL 3 sec
anybody no wO CALLIHOO
I did ACLI Smallbore in 94 - the year the range was shut down becasue someone in downtown Vernon got hit by a riccochet - like it was even possible.
Vernon was a long long time ago but also feels like yesterday. It was awesome a little look into what my dad used to go through. Went up when I was based out of 2701 P.P.C.L.I and there were tons of us out there as always and one of my bunk halls officers was my warrent officer *lol* she red chit me on my last day ..I was so mad..

That was the year I also got my hair cut..got confused for being a guy and had Officer Saito rescue me just as I was getting told I had to get into the mail barracks for clean up o_O..dude not cool.The best part had to have been all the trouble people got into ..the ritual painting of the cannon,the soap opera relationships.People being sent home for doing the wrong thing. I remember one day I was walking back from the canteen and back to the bunk hall wearing the company T-I happily bought when I saw this Cameron RUNNING laughing well if ones ever asked yourself if they wear anything under those kilts then you should have been there because he proved that answer by running by and showing all *lol*

Vernon never did beat my owns core outtings though there was nothing better than sitting in Shilo eating some Mac and cheese IMP's for breakfast to start the day.Forced rest later..deployment.Going on a mission and getting lost and trying to watch the guys build a fire..calling HQ and finally getting back to some hot chocolate at god knows what time then trekking ruck style until the officers feel were good to get on the trucks. Bwahaha makes ya wanna scream Boo YEAH !
You were with 2701??  That's awesome.  Im also a manitoba cadet, from out in the stix, 2528 Virden, But I am good friends with quite a few cadets from 2701 and alot of the winnipeg corps.  I will be joining the cic next year hopefully with the Patricias.  Just cool i think. lol
  Yea I know the staff from 22 Pl D-Coy 2004 I have their Emails if you want.