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Unit and sub-unit names in Armour

Neill McKay

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I've just started working with an army cadet corps that has an armoured affiliation (after spending the last twelve years with the sea cadet programme).  They're a small unit without a defined structure so I'd like to look at organizing them into sub-units, mostly to provide leadership opportunities for the Sgts and warrant officers.

Could someone give me a quick run-down on how an armoured unit is normally organized, please, as compared with the company/platoon/section structure in infantry units?

Also, there is a Squadron Sergeant-Major instead of a Company Sergeant-Major.
Boysen said:

Also, there is a Squadron Sergeant-Major instead of a Company Sergeant-Major.

CDN Aviator said:

Is that same for both Recce and Tanks Sqns ?

Not when I was in tanks, but that was more than awhile ago. In tanks, we went by crews. You can also break the patrol down to crews.
Smallest unit in tanks is a troop. In Recce it's a patrol of either two or three cars (depending what you're doing).

Another thing that's different is Ptes are known as Troopers and are called as such.

One thing that was instituted one Corps I worked with was they had broken it down to 2 troops. One called Saber Troop and the other called Recce Troop.

Another had them broken down into six, just like we do. 1Tp, 2Tp, 3Tp, 4Tp, Adm Tp and SHQ.

What specifically are you looking for N. McKay?
Thanks, guys, this is exactly what I was after.

In a sea cadet corps there are normally several divisions, each with a PO1 or PO2 as the divisional petty officer.  I'm looking to implement a similar concept for the army cadet corps, but obviously in keeping with their elemental, branch, and regimental culture.  So, based on what I see here it looks like two Troops, each with a WO in charge (as there are two WOs in the corps) and maybe a Sgt as a 2IC (there are three Sgts).  Given the small size of the unit I don't know that it would make sense to go as far as to have patrols yet.
Another thing you could do is ask the affiliated unit to cough up some "blacks". Blacks are black parade belts with CF belt buckles (think of the old Garrison belt material) and black parade gloves.

Most Armoured units don't wear white belts and gloves unless it's for a special VIP.

Do any of the WO's or SSM have a drill cane? Something else to think about.