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Ukraine - Superthread

Tag, you are being it, brother, even if we didn't give you a hard copy ....
One more leak plugged to prevent people from avoiding fighting Naziism/becoming meat for the Ukrainian meat grinder, I guess.
Those gamer leaks are getting ridiculous. Can we start executing people for this again?

How many idiots have disclosed classified material to win nonsense internet arguments by now?

Loose lips sink ships. Seems like we're societally in the midst of an accountability crisis.
Or perhaps a very long stretch in one of the US Federal Super Max prisons?
Our Mayor was placed on the naughty list by Russia. Good show!!
One of Montréal city counsellor also. He live in front of the Russian Consulate. For the last year, he draped is appartement with an Ukrainian flag and plays their National Anthem at noon each day. Is phone is tapped and all. He thanks Putin on is own phone when he eared that he was on the list 🍻👍🏻
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Still not even convinced its not all misinformation to counter misinformation.

Plus the stuff I saw in the end was not much more than good OSINT available out in the open. Take the number and countries with SF and the like with boots on the ground in Ukraine. Other than the hard number from each country. What really did that give away. Everyone knew it already all this did was say it out loud.

The equipment lined up with the units is important....but the Russian most likely know that already. Yes it gives then a finer picture.

Totals and loses are really just guesses in the end from both sides.
My thoughts exactly. I don’t remember the name of the operation but the Brits did something similar in taking a dead body, handcuffed a case with the false plan of the invasion. So why not again.
My thoughts exactly. I don’t remember the name of the operation but the Brits did something similar in taking a dead body, handcuffed a case with the false plan of the invasion. So why not again.

In Threat Case by J. C. Pollock, a character is mentioned to have come up with a plan in Vietnam where parachute harnesses are frozen in blocks of ice, then attached to parachutes and tossed out of a plane at night over a specific area, so by morning the ice melts and an NVA patrol would find several empty parachutes and assume a special forces team is in the area. Meanwhile, there would be less attention to the area where the actual operation is happening.
Yeah. But it keeps happening. Look up War Thunder leaks.

Someone needs to be made a punctured example out of, otherwise this deluge of breaches will never abate.
It's actually probably a good thing that the leaks were published on a public server. At least the Ukrainians now know what info the Russians have and can change their plans if required. If the info had just been quietly leaked to the Russians then the impact could potentially have been worse.
America’s about to have some really interesting public realizations about how many kids have some really high clearances, and how little truly goes into that process.
One is supposed to have a TS for at least 2 years before on can get an SCI.
I'm curious how this Airman ended up where he did with so much lacking supervision.
I'm thinking lifestyle poly's need to come back SCI positions
Perhaps we need to revisit how classified material is handled as well and update any gaps these investigations find
That really needs to be a periodic exercise, not just reviewing the people and access but the information itself to find items you can safely declassify. Probably it does happen, just not fast enough.

One problem is that it burns man hours to properly classify and compartmentalize information. Pressed for time, good faith actors will err on the side of caution and go with a worst case classification. But that means a giant chain of operators, technicians, analysts and designers have to keep up their clearance to work with that information. You can quickly wind up with a manpower crunch which puts pressure on expediting additional clearances (i.e. lowering the bar). Matching the suitability of workers and prospective hires to the security requirements is a recurring headache for civilian tech and engineering groups, not just military. The system tends to snowball the amount of information and people that need elevated clearance.

On the flipside of the security classification is the compartmentalization. My personal experience is that if you have the clearance or privileges you can access a lot of unnecessary information at your level. The system relies on good faith (and some explicit rules and consequences) to stay out of stuff you don't need to know. It's a bit weird because compartmentalization is your best defense against bad faith actors (can't leak what you can't access), but again, there are only so many hours your security and IT people can commit. I'm not sure what the discord clown in question specifically did but he seems to have pulled an unusually broad amount of material.