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Travel assistance


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Hello, I am wondering if compensation for travel to a grandparents funeral is something I can request from my unit? The time off is no issue, just wondering if ai can claim air fare? My grandmother is on her deathbed and I probably can’t afford to go otherwise.

I believe you'll need a clinician to sign off on you being required to attend said event (for whatever reason) in order to have travel assistance authorized for compassionate leave.
Depending on where you need to go, you might be able to get space available on a service flight.
CBI 209.5 may apply

There is some information that is not presented that may have some bearing. Are you Reg F or P Res? If P Res are you on a full time period over 60 days? Any chance that your parent(s) are living in the same area as your grandmother? Are you single with no kids living with you?

If you are able to say yes to these questions then you may be able to use LTA to help cover at least some of the cost.