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Transportation from Union Station to Blackdown-CFB Bordon


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Hey, I finally got accepted for staff at Blackdown, after everything I went through into getting the position my last road block was getting to the base. Thing is my entire family is going to be in New York City when i leave for camp(Sad I know), and I'm stuck with finding transportation by myself. I heard from another thread about a taxi service called connections that does taxiing from Pearson to Bordon for $55. I have emailed them about prices for taxiing from union to Bordon with no response. I have also read from the CFB Bordon DND site that there is Greyhound service from Union to Bordon, but I have failed to find tickets. (Also regular taxi service from union to Bordon was like $186)
Borden.  ;)

I would look for transport from Union Stn to Pearson and then grab the Connections service.  But then, I am by no means an expert when it comes to navigating in Toronto.  :dunno:
Depending on the day of week / time of your arrival at Union Station you could take the GO Train to Barrie then cab (or Connections?) to Borden.  Going to Pearson from Union Station is quite a bit out of the way.

Here's the GO Transit website schedule for Union Station to Barrie:

"Connecting Services (From Union Station):

You can take the subway from Union Station to Yorkdale Station via the Spadina Line:
"Bus service between Toronto and Base Borden is from Yorkdale shopping center at the north end of the city. However, the bus to base only runs once a day, leaving Yorkdale at 1045 hrs and arriving at the Canex plaza on base at 1225 hrs."

* "Airport to Base cost approx. $50.00, pickups from downtown Toronto (ex. Union Station) approx. $90.00."

All day service from Union Station to Pearson Airport for one TTC ticket / token. ( $2.00 cash if you are a student, which I assume you are. )
192 Airport Rocket via the Bloor-Danforth Line:
"In the midday the service will be improved from every 10 minutes 20 seconds to every 8 minutes."