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The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

scm77 - it takes 3-5 tiny drops of the stuff for a shave.

In an arctic tent, I find it uses less water than most people need to shave.  I'm trying to find a way to just have a little container (like film container but differently shaped) to hold rinse water in an efficient fashion so I don't need to use my canteen cup...

Armymedic- try any pharmacy, then.  I've seen it at a number of different places.  Loblaws here even sold it for a while.
I was wondering if you guys have any tips or tricks to deal with razor burn if you have any.. i sometimes get massive razor burn and it looks unsightly.. was looking for ideas before i ship to bmq
If you don't got shaving cream/gel use some soap. If you still get razor burn and just looking to hide it.. take some cover up with you :p if you got sisters or a mother i'm sure they have some laying around somewhere.
are you implying i dont have cover up?:P

jk i dont have any.. but it would be a good idea thanks
umm i am not so sure you wanna get caught wearing cover up if you are a guy. just a thought that the razor burn might be better to show than having someone find out you are wearing coverup. 
actually i figure youd get yelled at for razor burn:P id rahter wear consealer than get yelled at:P
i think concealer might elicit the same response as razor burn.   you are better off trying to find a way to shave that doesn't result in razor burn and just take care of the problem at the source.  
They're not animals, they're not going to jack you up for razor burn. If they find out you put on makeup, man it's all over.
In the words of my first troop commander, "Suck it up Buttercup"

You won't get any trouble for having having razor burn. Guy on my BMQ got it extremly bad and he had no problem whatsoever, in fact one of our MCpl gave him tips for getting rid of it. Your also not allowed to wear make-up while in uniform. And hasn't this topic been discussed?
Yea, you won't get jacked up for razor burn(great way to show to the NCOs that you shaved that morning too  :D  )

But wearing make up... if your a guy.. just no.. you will get jacked up rather harshly an probably get a warning.
If your razor burn is really really bad ...chances are your going to be able to go to the MIR and get a med chit stating that you can take 48 hours in between shaves.
Also, always shave in the same direction; this is a simple thing but some guys miss it.  Make sure the strokes on your face go the same direction each time you shave.
I used to get it on my neck really bad, Mach 3 Turbo with Nivea for men shave gel (the menthol one) and Nivea aftershave.  Works wonders, if it doesn't just try different shaving creams/gels until you find a good one, I used to swear by Edge Gel till by buddy told me to try Nivea menthol and I haven't used anything else since. Also, take a wet washcloth soaked with water as hot as you can stand and hold it on your face for a few seconds before laying the gel on. It'll open your pores and allow your hair to move around without getting really irritated. Then when you rinse, use warm-cool water, not cold if you can help it.  Then rub the aftershave on, if you're bleeding hold a towel around your chin/neck for a few min.

It works for me, the only time I get bad razor burn now is if I'm wearing a shirt and tie and it rubs on my neck.

btw guys:P i was kidding bout the makeup:P  im just tired and being goofy but thanks for the info bout razor burn.. i sometimes get it bad:P
The hotter and wetter you can get your face before shaving, the easier the save. If you can, have a hot shower and shave immediately after. If not, the suggestion about the hot wet washcloth works well. It will soften the hair and make for an easier shave.

Another trick I learned is to use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. It will gunk up your razor faster, but softens the hairs and moisturizes the skin at the same time. Especially useful if you're in a hotel room and don't have shaving cream.
If you're going to a Reg Force BMQ in St.Jean, likely (sorry Combat Medic) you won't get a chance
to take a hot morning shower.  First off, its never hot and second the guys that cleaned the
washroom the night before will be pissed and throw a mop at you.

Razor burn is skin irritation caused by the blade scraping off a layer of decent skin as well as the
wiskers and other stuff.  In most cases, the skin will adapt to frequent daily shavings over
time (may be two weeks) but temporary discomfort is unavoidable.  Just make it bearable
for yourself and the Staff will get the picture once they see the razor burn so don't sweat it.

From my experience, use a moisturizing shaving gel and Schick disposables (sharp, gets in
the curves, and keeps sharpness over many shaves).  Wash your face and pat dry.
Apply a moisturing creme over the rough areas or anywhere it feels dry.  Keep
a tube of Zincofax around on areas that get really tender.  It will heal.  As a week and
then two go by, the razor burn will diminish as the skin adapts to shaving. 

Good luck.
I figured this would be a good place to ask since all or most of you shave(males of course).

Well everytime I shave I get razor burn on my neck... I try shaving against the grain, with the grain and it doesn't matter what I do I still get razor burn.
I use Gillette sensitive skin shaving gel not cream, Addia's anti-razor burn aftershave and a shick 4 razor blade. Can you guys give me some pointers as to what I mite be doing wrong or what I should be doing to get it right? (I've also tried skin moisturizer to keep it from getting dry and it made little difference.)

*edit* I know this kind of thing has been asked a lot but I think it mite be because of the kind of razor I am using or something.