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The Military Police [MP] Superthread

LunchMeat said:
MPPTP's for the most part are obsolete and have been superceded by the MP Gp Orders, however the Group Orders SharePoint requires that you apply for access via DWAN in order to read them.

Great, thanks for the information.
Quick Question,  is the MP Branch wearing the VCDS Gp Command Badge?



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Technically everyone in the CF MP Gp is supposed to be wearing it as we belong to the VCDS Gp. In reality I don’t think it has made its way outside the NCR yet.
At the CF PM Change of Command parade the guard was wearing MP badges in the place of command badges
They were wearing MP badges on the right pocket where the command badge is supposed to go? It’s supposed to be worn on the left off of a hanger off the button. Wouldn’t be surprised if “someone” just did what they wanted.
Grpyhman78 said:
Does anyone know why the QL3 course in August is cancelled for some candidates?? (I'm one of the 15)

Through the Grape Vine, they were having some staffing issues at the CFMPA.
I was in that 15 as well all I’ve been told so far is to wait out for last minute changes. And, there’s also a chance we could be put on a bmq-L course before a January ql3
Yeah I was told the August course was canceled and they were pushing as many people as they could on the August 20th BMQ-L.
Odd that some of us are suddenly cancelled. I was really looking forward to the ql3 course. I guess that’s just another case of the military, things change. I did get told though to keep an eye out things could very well change again and we could be good to go.
Yeah, things have changed for me.  Got the Course Loading message today for MP QL3 Serial 0034, 1 Aug - 12 Dec 2018.

only 12 guys on the message though, but I'm thinking the message only includes VOT/CT members and not Direct Entry.
Well I’m on leave right now so I have no DWAN access, is there anyway you could PM me to check if my name is on the posting message list?
RayneWL said:
That is very good to know. Thank you.

As well as smaller detachments in London, Meaford (Collingwood), and Toronto. There is also North Bay, (Northern Ontario on the #1).
I'm in the last 26 days of my Ql3 right now. It is my understanding that the MP branch as a whole is in need of people everywhere. Especially in isolated postings.
It will amount to your profile, the operational requirement of the branch and your posting preferences once you ask your 3 choices of posting. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don't.

Last week they came into our classroom to ask if anyone would be interested in joining CFNIS, this would be right after our ql3. Rarely does this ever occur.
Your staff will always keep you in the dark until the last few days of the course's end.  :waiting: it is quite the annoyance.

Gutterbuster said:
Your staff will always keep you in the dark until the last few days of the course's end.  :waiting: it is quite the annoyance.
You have me a bit confused on this one.  Keep you in the dark about what exactly...?
Yah, I don’t really understand either. I know on our 3s they kept shuffling postings around until the last few days. They do keep you in the dark in regards to that a bit.

And I feel the dets need more patrolman right now than NIS, I could be wrong (correct me if I am) but manning seems pretty low from what I gather speaking to colleagues around the country in other dets.

Will be interesting to see where most of your course ends up. Ours was mostly sent east, a few central, and a few west. Only a small handful got their actual top 3 and that was mainly due to service spouse or other personal/family reasons.
When I was there staff didnt care as long as it was put away for inspections. We had multiple people bring there desktops and had no problems.