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The Military Police [MP] Superthread



;) Hey, I want to know what steps to take to be an "MP" I don‘t want to be solely an ARMY MP, but a Canadian Forces MP ! Can anyone help me out, what to do, who to contact, and where to go? :cdn:
Look in the yellow pages under Recruiting and call your CF Recruiting Centre. They will hook you up with all the info that you require.
Is a college/university diploma required to become an MP? I checked the site, and it says nothing regarding this! Is it required? :confused:
Only as an officer... MPs have the same requirements (pretty much) as any other trade in the CF, as far as I am aware, for NCMs.
I saw an MP the other day, their new uniforms make them look like regular street cops.
Anyways my question is do MP‘s in the reserves also carry handguns (as well as all that gear) all the time?
No they do not. Reserve MP‘s are strictly employed as field level MP‘s. They dont get issued with the Occupational Patrol Dress unless you join up with the ARAF‘s. The air reserve MP‘s do get all the bells and whistles as they have a different role. Hope this helps.....

How is the role of the ARAF MP‘s different,and why do they get issued all the gear?
A few years back when the MP Branch was undergoing it‘s review/shakeup, the Reserve MPs were finally forced to come to a decision. They either had to choose to send folks on Reg Force QL courses, thereby having them trained to the Badge carrying standard, or accept the fact they weren‘t up to standard and loose the ability to fulfill certain MP duties.

The Militia looked at it, looked at what their role in Mobilization was, and chose to simpy train their pers in the Field role (mobility support, PW/refugee etc) plus Security surveys on their QL5‘s. This had the benefit of reducing their course lengths to what could be accomplished over the summer but they effectively washed their hands of anything to do with Law Enforcement or Investigations. This has had a huge impact on personnel retention over the past several years as it became obvious to people that being a Militia MP meant you weren‘t really a Policeman. They‘re currently experimenting with a few things to fix the retention problem (standing up a Militia MP Company in LFWA for instance...) but at the end of the day...

ARAF, on the other hand, chose to send their pers on Reg Force courses and on several Air Bases they are actively employed in Guardhouses on patrol as badge carrying members. I would guess they decided their role would be to free up Reg Force MP for deployment overseas in a crisis.
Just curious. Is there a push to get more SECUR officers in the CF or is the trade full? What are they looking for in an SECUR Officer?
Hello, I am planning on taking the police foundation course at a univeristy here in ottawa and was wondering if that would be a good choice for military police.
and also can any one give me any formation on military police,like what they do and how you can get in,and what you need.
thank you
this is all the info that I know on them, I‘v only been in the army for a short while

if you want 100% accurate up to date info, contact your local CFRC

MP‘s handle base secruity, POW‘s, handling/guarding them

that‘s all I know on them
My turn :cool:

I‘ve been a MP(Reserve) for almost 2 years now so I can only give you what we train for on reserve side of house. We are "field cops" dealing with PW‘s(yea there is no "O" anymore) stragglers, refugees, traffic control, route signing and route recce‘s. Those are our main tasks. For LFWA there is 15 MP Coy which has several platoons, one in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. If you want any more info on the MP‘s send me an e-mail.
the 15th MP Coy is attached to the unit i‘m in, 12th SVC BN, located in Richmond, BC

if you see a guy on the boards named MP Sheild, he‘s in that Coy
No, 15 MP Coy is not attached to any reserve service battalion. They may use your facitlites but thats the only connection. Our formation is 1 ASG(Reg Force).
If you are going reserves, from what i know you they dont require Police Foundations, but appreciate it.

When I was coming in, the CFRC told me that CFRETS will almost surely reject any application for MP RegFor without a police foundations or law & security course. If you are looking at Security Officer, you do not require this course however.

Basically, the military is trying to save costs on training, and is ensuring people will like their job, by demanding this training.

University in ottawa? Which one offers PF? Id take the college course.. cheaper.
If you want Reg force NCM as a MP you need at least the college level course in policing.
Yes i am planning on taking a plice foundation course and maybe even a crimnology course at univeristy but probably just a police foundation course.
is there just a MP resevres unit?
is there a reg cuz i am planning on jonning the MP after i am done my ploice foundation courses.
and one more thing.
are they looking for alot of MP, because i am going to applying to all police services which includes military police and i perfre that.
I don‘t know for sure (my OpsO mentioned this to me), but I‘ve heard that the trade was full a couple of years ago and that they were trying to cut back.

However, with so many people leaving the CF, I believe that all trades, even MP, are fairly wide open.

The best advice I can give is for you to talk to a recruiter about it.

If you want more information, do a www. search for military police. There‘s also a CDN Military Police Association website that has some (not much, but some) recruiting info on it. It may also be a good place to get some email contacts.

I would definitely urge you to take courses in psychology, criminology, and police investigations. You‘ll find that community colleges will offer more hands-on skill oriented courses in police investigations, etc whereas university courses will provide skills in thinking/analysis of crime prevention and crime related issues such as deviant behaviour, criminal justice system, etc.

I mix of both would likely be good.

Important: talk to people who do the job. They know what it‘s all about.

Hint: the CFRC recruiters can only tell you what they are looking for and how to apply, etc.
There is a big difference between Reserve Militarty Police and Regular Force military police. Reserve Mps are more akin to security guards.

If your going through school for police foundations and are interested in that line of work you should either enlist in the regular force as military police or take the OPP gatb test (or whatever its called).

Regarding police foundations half of the police forces you apply to will be gla dthat you have the course and the other half will not really disapprove of you having it but won‘t put you ahead of joe blow with no police type course because they would rather "teach you from the ground up"
(ie when a reservist joins the regs they have to take their ql3 over again if they dont have a large amount of time in)

Lastly, im not saying this to be a di*k or pick on you but should you take the OPP police testing (and i would imagine MP too) they pay a lot of attention to grammar (which i myself am poor at) and sentence structure. A guy in the class i was testing with failed because of using words such as ‘cuz‘ on the accident report phase. Just something to consider.
As mentioned in previous posts, there is a big difference between regular force MP‘s and reserve force MP‘s. One does not need Police foundations or law and security from college to join the reserves, however, alot of the reserve types are taking the course as well as being members of their respective MP platoons. As a reserve MP you will strickly be dealing with field operations.......POW stuff.......yadda yadda.

In order to become a regular force MP, it IS required that you have a police foundations course OR some other type of job specific training, such as a diploma from a recognized police college........security training will not count. There are now signing bonuses for trying to get into the reg force as an MP and they will promote you to Corporal right away (a bone of contention with me, but thats another story). As a reg force MP you will do either domestic policing, which can be equated to civy policing but to a slower beat, or a field platoon, doing field stuff, UN tours..............whatnot. I hope this helps you out a bit.