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The Long Wait may soon Be Over

Infantryman2b said:
I write my trait self descriptive test next month. When I went in on the first the recruiter told me they just got a bunch of numbers for infantry, and that I'm in a good spot. North bay held my file for like a year before even getting to the office in Toronto. I'm hoping to be in St Jean by the new year. Good luck to you all trying to get in. Waiting  sucks, but I know it will all be worth it when I fire that C7 for the first time.  :threat: :salute:

Wait until you see all the carbon in it after firing it.
well got another call today, my medical was green lighted by Ottawa/Borden, just waiting for Swear in Date.
Well, i will finish out the year with my current employer on the "Weight Watchers Tire Plan" since the gates of hell are soon to open and it will snow  :threat: and i seem to get a lot of medium duty trucks and vans (and i am only a 1st year Apprentice in automotive)
Ugh....I totally understand. I used to love Winter/snow until I started working for a highway maintenance company...

I too was hoping to not have to be with my current employer for another Winter season, but alas, I will be here....for now!

Good Luck with your wait!
on the plus side over the next 2 months i can get whatever i want and i will still lose 10-15 pounds :lol, i used to weigh about 100 kg and am currently down to about 80, hope to shed some more.