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The First Sign of Canadian Spring....rrrrrrroll up the rrrrrrrrim (merged topic)

I'm on a rrrrrrrollll, won my first fat pill this morning. Now for the rrrrrim with the truck...
I always thought the first sign of a Canadian spring was a federal election.
No truck this year...its a Hybrid Camry instead!

CdnArtyWife said:
No truck this year...its a Hybrid Camry instead!


They go from a somewhat cool truck to a shitty, fugly car, an hybrid no less? What a letdown!

I guess that just means I won't have to waste my money and my tastebuds on Timmies' coffee. :)
YUP !!!!
Won a doughnut this morning and am heading out to get some Tims for the gang here at work!  Wish the weather here looked more like Spring though... 8)
Hey I love my hibrid camry, one of the best car I ever onwed....

Respect the car!!!!
Rabbits here are dropping the winter white camo and moving to a mix brown white fur pattern. Spring must defiantly be on it's way as mother nature knows best. ;D
You're lucky to be seeing rabbits 3rd Herd!  The only thing that's turning from white to brown is the slush on the side of the road (sigh).  You're right, Mother Nature knows best, but not in Toronto :(.
I just got done saying the exact same thing to ze frau this morning.....rrrrrolll up the rrrriiimm is here so it's gotta be spring.

Shows that I don't have a coffee addiction at all when I don't even have a clue that this campaign comes at the same time each year.  :blotto:
I noticed it was roll up the rim time when the WO brought me in my coffee this morning.

Didn't win anything though...damn it!
I haven't ever won anything on a roll up the rim... not even a coffe. It's actually become a joke between my wife and I.
Just won 2 free coffees....        ;D

Seen it today,may be coinvinced to go get a black on my way home from the gym.

Spring is here in Gagetown,plus 8....

There I said it...blame me.
I wonder how the guys over seas can claim a big prize from over there? Big screen TV in the room... hehehe