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The air cadet thread

Im on 1st intake too!
Im the _121 guy at cadet-world

Moggie said:
You'll have a good time, guaranteed.  Unless you completely dislike learning about aircraft and radios etc. 

That include Nav and Met?

Rocketryan said:
Im on 1st intake too!
Im the _121 guy at cadet-world

That include Nav and Met?

Nav = good
Met = bad

Hopefully that will improve at ITAC.

Have you gotten your joining instructions yet?
Yeah I got the joining instructions.

Still waiting for exact times and stuff for the bus to Trenton.

Rocketryan said:
That include Nav and Met?

Yep.  The met you learn on ITAC isn't too hard, and even gets to be fun (or I'm just a nerd  8))  As for the Nav, that's pretty basic too, and some of it is *similar* to the compass stuff you do in level 3/4 aircrew.  There's lots of support, you can ask for extra help almost every night, and around test time there are study groups where some flight staff will open up a classroom or two and help everyone out who goes.  Don't get too stressed, just do your best, know when to ask for help and have fun!  That's the way you're going to get the best out of the course.
Rocketryan said:
Yeah I got the joining instructions.

Still waiting for exact times and stuff for the bus to Trenton.

I'm still waiting for mine...

Anyone going to Cold Lake?
I got SI and I'm getting pretty choked that i haven't gotten my orders yet >:(.
Seeing as the course begins on the 9Th. Anyone else going to Cold Lake get theirs yet?
I was looking around the site thought there was only army cadets but anyways I'm going to ITAC this summer.  ;D
I have come back from my Whatever i did. anyways? my camp was lengthened by two days? why?
KEVIN.T. said:
Im still an air cadet and i go 2 110 Black Hawk!

should have been ".....and i go TO.........."

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Milnet.ca staff
I am going to be an Air Cadet for at least another 2 years. Currently I am in my 5th year and a WO2 at 6 Jim Whitecross RCACS. Just for curiosity how many of you have an account of CW?
I do, made it in 05, ended up using it to check on ITAC for this year, havent looked there since

Im in my 5th year and as of last night Im a Flight Corporal, and I got my long term service medal last night too. (Wings Parade)
No offence my young friend! But you did 5 years and you JUST made F/Cpl? What happened man? I made Cpl in 1, Sgt in two and Flight in 2 and I was in line for my WO2 when I left, and this was a sqn of 140 roughly on parade every Thursday night!
Eh, congrats Ryan, on both the long service and the promotion!  Have fun with being a FCpl, should be an interesting experience.  Has your sqn got all the responsibilities mapped out for the new rank yet? 
Medtech, take a seat, grab a coffee and enjoy my novelization of my cadet career as a corporal  ;D

I was a corporal since Wings parade in Level 2. One person in my level got promoted to Sergeant in level 3 at wings, the rest of my level (except one (besides me) got promoted to Sergeant in Level 4 at wings. I asked my CO

"Sir what did I do wrong?"
"You didn't do anything wrong its just we need the Sergeant to be more mature"
and I walked away wondering how these 2 clowns got Sgt if its based on maturity

Then later on in level 4 they had "Tryouts for Sergeant". And basically I thought it was a stupid idea so I didn't sign up. Then on the Annual Dinner the last corporal(besides me) got Sergeant along with 5 Level 3's (Now Level 4's)

Now I'm a Level 5, still end up ordering around the Sergeants and telling them how to do their job, do not have respect for our "seniors"(As leaders, still respect them as people though).

Moggie- My F/Cpl experience lasts another 4 days

So yeah I'm handing in my uniform on Tuesday

*Ok I know this may seem like a rant or something but I tried not to, if it still seems like it tell me and I'll edit it*
If you're handing it on Tuesday,  is it safe to assume that it went fairly well at the recruiter's yesterday?
Recruiters went well

But thats not the reason Im leaving, its a bunch of individual reasons combined