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System Upgrade: Please Report Problems

Send in a "Work Ticket" to your respective Help Desk.  I am sure it will be resolved in 6-8 weeks......

But here on Army.ca, it may very well be quicker!
211RadOp said:
Yes they are nice and big, but from my DWAN computer they do not give the ability to click on them.  The menus drop  when I mouse over, but as soon as I try to move my mouse down the menu they disappear.

Works fine for me on both my PC/Chrome and iPad/Safari.
Thanks for the feedback guys... These are indeed new menus. They *should* be more compatible/standards compliant than the old ones, but I see that may not be the case from DIN computers/ I'll have a look and see if I can make them better.
I am unable to access any of them. If, for example, I am trying to access Forums, it disappears when I mouse onto it.
DWAN baseline still runs XP sp3 with IE 7.  Likely the source of the problem.
I also notice the line of links that includes "Home", "My Messages" and "Profile" appears overtop of (and obscuring) the drop-down menues.
MCG said:
I also notice the line of links that includes "Home", "My Messages" and "Profile" appears overtop of (and obscuring) the drop-down menues.
Same problem on the home computer when using IE, but all is good with Firefox.
I see we reverted back to just after 0600 this morning and lost about 6 hours of posts....
Yeah, long story short we had a rollback. It's been a crappy day. :(
Side-effects of chasing the AO and other problems. Took a couple of risks I shoudln't have, apparently.
The new menus are useable on DWAN now, not sure if you changed something Mike?

And was the site down overnight?  I was unable to get on it from about 2330-0400 CST.
When on the Ipad, any time I choose to reply to a post or a personal message the 'Navigate' drop down menu activates as soon as I click 'reply'.

Edit: Sorry, same on the IPhone as well. It doesn't hinder anything in any way, I just noted that it wasn't doing that before the re-formatting of menu bars took place.
I don't know if this is an upgrade issue or not but when I try to access the site from Chrome (my primary browser) I get the following:

An Error Has Occurred!
Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
You are connecting to Army.ca from a banned location or using a banned service. If you believe this is in error, please contact Army@Army.ca and include ID# 1174 in your message.
This ban is not set to expire.

When I use Firefox or Safari it's all good.
1984 that issue should be resolved now. As for the other issues (primarily the recent outages), they're under the microscope but proving to be very difficult to track.
I'm having trouble accessing any threads on Army.ca Forum (the green one). When I click a thread it takes me to the index page every time.

I was able to log in here and can view the threads no problem.