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Summer Camp-What did you do and how did you like it?


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I just came back from Blackdown from the CL course. I was in Foxtrot 21 platoon. Even though this was not the course I wanted to attend I still had a lot of fun. I also met about 4 or five people from army.ca. I was also lucky enough to be a Mcpl on course and then a parade position as a Warrant Officer. In Foxtrot we were lucky to have good training advisor's,a Mcpl from the RCD and a CWO(MWO at Blackdown) for 31 CER.
i just got back last night - i was with you in foxtrot in 22 ( i know u know) I aswell didnt get on the course i wanted to be on but i enjoyed my stay and left with a good course report!
I arrived home last night from 6 weeks at Blackdown. I was in Golf 25 Platoon. I did get the course I wanted and left with a good course report and all the badges I earned (First Aid, CL Badge) and a medal for Soccer. I also met someone from Army.Ca. He was in Bravo expedition, and he's really cool.

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You were on G Coy's soccer team? I was on Foxtrot's team. You guys did well.
I just got back yesterday from SIC (survival instructors course) which was in Bagottville.
yeah i was on G-Coy's soccer team...we did do well, thank you.

I did Expedition!!! Bravo Company 9 platoon. I loved it, it's definitely an experience that I will have for the rest of my life.  There is no way that I could have afforded to do a trip like that in the civi word. The only problem is we didn't get to do the mock tower this year :crybaby:. It is the course I wanted. I also got to meet a awesome person from Golf Company,,,,,,,, what a coincidence. :p

I did D&C in Alpha Coy, anyone here from there?
Lol, Alpha won most of the sports. I was on biathalon team (its probably not true, but i heard that they gave that one to bravo because they didn't have anything)
I did CL last year in Delta
Thats not true that event THEY actually did win. I would like to point out I wasn't there for sports day so I cant be held accountable for how bad Bravo sucked. However Alpha only won soccer because of rock paper scissors because it was a tie at the end and they where out of time.

I just did my CL at Blackdown in Echo company 19 platoon    i was on the volleyball team 
Rock on