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Southeast Asia countires restricted for taking leave, are there any?


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Just curious.

My posting is kinda outside the standard chains of command, what with being located in the USA.

Just wondering what countries if any are restricted for requesting leave for vacation purposes.

Specifically I want to go to both the Philippines and Thailand.

I know for the USA sailors I know the PI is somewhat restricted but even they get different anwsers every time they put in a request. Some get a clear ticket yet another will be denied. Some even have their leave pulled the day before they go with tickets already bought in their hands.

I do not at this point want to inquire up my chain. Just curious if anyone already knows about these issues.
Talk to your local Canadian Military Police section or MP rep.

If you don't have one, since you're located in the US, contact CDLS Washington for guidance.  CF policies on travel differ quite a bit from those of the US.
According to the AAG we had at the beginning of the year, there is no longer a list of scheduled countries WRT travel, but now if you intend to travel to ANY country outside the United States or Mexico, you have to fill out a 'Notification of Intent to Travel' form (or something like that) and get it apporoved before you can go.

Anyone else heard of this change?
Tks, from the mass of posts ive been reading on both countries its actually fairly safe there. Many usa cities are far more dangerous at night. Course you dont do stupid stuck like travel down dark allyways at night in the PI etc or get drunked up and pass out. (have a navy cheif mention early 90's he passed out in the rice fields north west of Manila, nothing happened though the locals were actually working around him.

Didnt want to ask the chain specifically cause simply submitting a leave pass with paperwork could work. But if you start asking stupid questions like 'i heard the americans are restricting the troops liberty in the philippines' you are just cutting your own chances of approval.

Either way, I wont be going to next fall, probably over Christmas. A major reason for going is im planning to retire there after 25 years service. Saving the nest egg etc. But need at least one trip to get a feel for the culture.

And of course, i'll be returning to Canada this summer. No doubt I'll get a Afganistan tour sometime between 1-1.5 years after returning. That will give me the 3 weeks off for a second trip specifically to Thailand.

Tks the info.