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"So You Want To Be A Pilot" Merged Thread 2002 - 2018

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I know that this is mostly an army website, but does anyone know if they are looking for pilots as well in CF...I hear that there is a freeze due to the new NATO training program.
The pilot trade will never be closed officially. Recruiters use the attraction of being a pilot as a lure to get people to take another trade.
So... Pilot (32U) is still open to DEO and ROTP only. Just as a heads up though, I CT‘d to the Regs back in 1999 and have just passed the halfway point on my course at Moose Jaw, I waited 1.5 years for the course to begin. Back in ‘99 they recruited something in the order of 150 pilots. This year they will probably only recruit around 10 pilots. Good luck
Thanx...how do you find the course: fun, difficult??

I am planning to do DEO...I‘m part of the lay-off people from the high-tech area and want to get out, fast. So, I would like to do the helicopter or fighter plane...what are the chances of me getting sattled with a transport aircraft?
The course is challenging and you will experience the most stress in your CF career during it. But it‘s a sh*t load of fun too. $6million dollar aircraft to fly (solo too) and you do stuff in it only the military is allowed to do.
If you want to fly Helo‘s, you are guaranteed it. Jet slots are the most coveted job, with multi-engine slots being next most popular. More than half the airforce fleet consists of helicopters, so there are always lots of opportunities.
Another question. 1.5 year wait... Were you in the CF while you waited or were you in the private sector?
I was in the CF, being paid for the entire time.

Multi-engine postings are second most popular because most pilots want to fly fixed-wing aircraft. Apart from jets, the multi world is the place to go for that. For myself, I want to fly TAL (tactical air lift). That way I can drop people like Recce41 over the LZ, and resupply the crunchies in the field with supply drops. The CF doesn‘t have a BC (Bomber Command) anymore, or I would be in there in a flash.
Im thinking about joining the army. I had this presentation in 2nd period the other day and it was real interesting and put the final touches on me wanting to join the army.

I want to know what specific route i would take to become a pilot, i saw the pay role stuff, but thats not what im interested in. I wanna know what i would sign up as, and what i would have to go through. Like schooling traing etc. I know you need 2 yrs of flight school, but i would apreciate all the info i can get, thanks.
Actually, to become a pilot, you would be joining the Air Force. Even our Griffon helicopters with missions to support the army are air force units.


You should visit your Recruiting Centre to get further information on your choice of military occupations.
Two years of flight school??

I wish... going on 4 years now, still not done.

There is no pre-requisite for previous flying experience (PFE). You do need a University degree to become an officer in the CF. CEOTP, OCTP, etc are not feasible entry plans for the Pilot MOC anymore.

There is also zero guarantee that you will get to fly the airframe of your choice (ie. Griffon, CF-18, Hercules). It‘s all a matter of timing and your overall skill level.

Good luck, check out those links that Mike gave, they will answer most questions.
Any suggestons on what to become. Im looking for an exciting life style, taveling around the world keeping active etc. Just want to know all the options before i choose one sepcific thing.
My extremely biased Army opinion:

Airforce: Like hotels? Go with them :)
Navy: Like water, and, well, water? Go with them
Army: Like land? Roughin‘ it? Camping? Hiking? Weapons and big guns? Go with us :)

Id say if you are looking for adventure, you can find it anywhere in the forces... ‘cept for maybe Log. :)

As for Pilot.. you wouldnt believe how many RMC cadets start out trying to become pilots.. only to have their hopes and dreams dashed as they then try and get AirNav, and then (normally due to the eyes) try for ATC... Ive seen it happen to at least 20 people that I go to school with, and thats before flight training even starts.

The med is very stringent, and as previously said, so is training. Just showing up is not good enough.. **** even a lot of effort sometimes isnt... Its a really tough trade. And dont even think you will get to fly the CF-18. If you do, consider it a bonus, not an expectation, otherwise you‘ll be severely disappointed.

As for joining, as prev said... Air Navigator and Pilot are officer positions, and the CF requires degrees. You can do ROTP (RMC or POSSIBLY a civi university), or DEO, if you go and get your degree and then join afterwards.
I also wanna know one more thing. Theres this Co-op thing in my school. They said i can apply for co-op with the canadian armed forces. But he said it was competitive, any way i can up my chances of getting in.
One more question, can you get in having corrected vision, or does it have to be natural. I mean, i wear glasses, but am looking to get laser eye surgery next summer.
The Co-Op program is a great tool for recruiting Reservist NCMs. It involves an agreement between your school board and the local Militia unit. They train you to BMQ standards, and you get a few highschool credits out of it. If it is highly competitive, just stick it out and see what happens.

If you want to be a CF Pilot you must be born with 20/20 uncorrected vision. LASIK correction is not recognized by the Medical teams at DCIEM, so it won‘t wash with them. Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot be a pilot without those vision requirements. You CAN however, join the CF under another MOC with LASIK correction in order to meet their vision requirements. It is only the Pilot MOC that has this restriction at this time.
I dont understand that fully. I cant be a pilot, but i can be...?
Sorry for any confusion. I will sum it up quite succinctly.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Do I wear corrective lenses?

2) Have I undergone LASIK surgery to fix my eye-sight?

3) Is my vision worse than 20/20 (uncorrected)?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you are not medically fit to become a pilot in the CF.
Exactly as Zoomie said...

Canada has the most stringent Pilot qualifications in the world.

You can however have lasik surgery for other MOCs, just not pilot.
I have been in awe of the sky forever and a day, to my knowledge i have 20/20 uncorrected vision, and I would like to look into someday becoming a pilot, preferably helicopters.

My friend who I go to for all my military knowledge told me to come and check things out. So if anyone here can give me information as to being able to speak to a recruiter etc.. or even a pilot , just someone in general who can give me a good and accurate spin on things , I would greatly appreciate it.
Hi all,
I were wondering, with all those ads that we see everywhere that the CF is looking for pilots, how many of you applicated for that trade? I‘m happy that the trade is wide open for this year since it was always that i wanted to do and now i finish my university really soon, wich is a good timing.
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