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Single Quarters & Rations (R&Q) [MERGED]

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So when someone starts as an AC Op. Off they go to Basic, Then they get posted to an Air base right away to do the Air Force intro and they do some OJT. They get prepared for the exam that they must get 90%.

Now the the question is, When do they chose the base or is it just assigned and where do they do those few days of Air Force introduction.

I understand QL3's are normally run three times a year and are 66 training days so unless there is a wait list for each course I cannot see a lot of PAT platoon time for a new person coming in.

I know the schooling is at NAVCAN and they have some pretty swank digs while they are there and it is a great facility.  After CFSACSO do they normally go back to the base they did their original OJT or is a new posting assigned.

Thank you
It seems like in recent years wait times have been getting longer.  I knew guys that did 3 weeks of ojt and some are doing 3 months or more of OJT.  That time is spend either studying for the QL3 pre-course exam or doing whatever task comes up much like any other person on BTL. 

I joined as a recruit school by-pass so i pretty much got to pick my location for OJT.  It is very common for guys to be sent from St. Jean strait to North Bay ON.  Generally speaking, "PAT Platoon" doesn't exist in our trade.  If you are at a Wing for OJT you will be on BTL but attached and reporting to the ATC unit.  I can't speak for how North Bay does things because i haven't been there.  If there is a specific location a member wants for OJT then they should bring it up as early as possible either at CFRC or while on BMQ. 

Now a days the intro Air Force course, Basic Air Environmental Qualification (BAEQ) is taught at CFSACO by staff from RCAF Academy (CFB Borden) the week before QL3 officially starts.

Once QL3 is done, regardless of where you have been posted, you will return to where you did OJT.  You usually have to clear out of that base (if you are posted away) and/or get your move process started.  You don't always get posted back to where you did OJT.  Many members ask to go back because they build rapport or other relationships while on OJT.  You're posting USUALLY comes out of one of your 3 posting preferences while on QL3 as long as the needs of the trade can be satisfied. 

As far as accommodation at the Nav Center, a double bed, cable tv, high speed internet (LAN not WIFI), desk, dresser, 4 pc en suite bathroom, maid service twice a week really help keep the stress levels down.  Be prepared to shell out $50 a month for a fridge rental #airforceproblems 

PM me for any other questions.
Thank you once again for the excellent information.

I guess He will have to ask at Recruiting or during his interview indicate it and once again watch for an opportunity at basic. I Think he likes the idea of Cold Lake as it might provide the most variety.

I re-enrolled last month, own a house in the Edmonton area and currently posted to Wainwright on BTL. I'm not authorized a move until I complete QL3 in my new trade, which can be upwards of 1-1.5 years due to few courses being run in my small trade. My Chief Clerk had to phone the recruiting centre to find out my entitlement but is telling me I'm only eligible to have my room in the barracks paid for 6 months on enrollment.

I was under the impression that while maintaining a principle residence a member would not be charged quarters. I mentioned this to him but was told the 6 months was all that would be covered according to the recruiting centre.

I know there are a few guru's here, is this correct? Where would I find this information?

EDIT: I do have a GF living there but in the eyes of the CF I am single. I know married benefits do make a difference but I'm still on the hook for a mortgage and barracks are expensive if you're not a private :D


Could someone please give me an idea on costs of living on base for say a small bachelor as well as cost of food, I will be most likely needing the cheapest option as I will have to still pay for my mortgage in my home town as I do not want to sell as my girlfriend will still be living there .. hoping some of you could shed some light on some costs and maybe some options I may have.

Thank you
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