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Should I take summer school during BMQ so I can apply to RMC in September?


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I'm currently a Grade 11 student in Alberta. I need to take 30-2 math in summer school so that I can apply to RMC in grade 12. This is because I tried out "accelerated learning" through IB in gr10 and gr11. I got an 86 in math 20-1 but a 48 in math 30-1 IB in this year in gr11. To apply to RMC I need to do summer school but I have BMQ (reserves BMQ, 4 week instead of 8 week) in July and there are no summer school options for August. Do you think it would be possible to do summer school while in BMQ? (summer school requires 4 hours of classes monday-friday + diploma exam first week of august). My last option is to ask to reschedule my BMQ, I don't know how that works or if I can even do that but I'll have to ask people in my unit. What would be the best thing to do here? Waiting until september 2025 to apply with my Grade 12 grades and maybe enrolling in 2026 is not an option 👎will get kicked out by my parents if I have a "gap" in my education that isnt summer vacation.
You won't be doing anything other than BMQ during BMQ. If you want to go to RMC, prioritize your education upgrades.