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shooting, crosss and crowns ...finaly

Good job on your cross rifles crown, I got them at camp.  Keep up the awsome shooting!!!

:salute: Fallschirmjäger  :salute:
Congrats, I got my Cross Crown back in green star and have been on the shooting team every year and its tons of fun, keep with it its an awsome skill for Cadets
congrats i have had mine every year since 2003, i have been to provincials twice, great times.
mk1-2-3 lee enfeild sniper
anyone got a leopard for sale lol

Hi,this is my first year in army cadets,and i already have my cross rifles and crown,and i am the top shooter in the corps, its pretty weird being the top when it only my first year ...anyways, :salute:
Travis Laing :warstory:
:soldier: outstanding  :soldier:
wow this is a very old post I posted it  almost two years ago and since then I have earned the title of tenth in the province and first in my region and top shot of the corps. This year wasnt as good though. my target average was 93 out of 100.