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Setbacks and waiting


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So I just recently discovered this site at like 4pm today and I must say that it is so nice to see so many people enlisting (none of my friends are and very few seem to understand why I am). I just found out that I've been deemed medically fit for a career and I've been put on the "waiting list" for a position. Anyway I thought this would be a good place to make my first post, so here is the long process I had to go through to get there!

March 2008- Started my application process, printed off my forms and handed them in to the recruiting centre. From there, everything seemed to be taking off, I did my aptitude test (successfully), and was booked for a medical and interview within about 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately, shortly after my medical started, I was told that my eyesight was not good enough for the positions I was applying for (Inf/Art Officer). Although this really disappointed me and set back my application process, there was no way this was going to deter me from doing something I have wanted to do for almost all my life.

Anyway, I looked into a couple of options for me, and I ended up settling on getting laser eye surgery. If anyone was looking into getting this procedure done for whatever reason, let me tell you that it is one of the more life changing experiences I have had. I had been wearing glasses for 10 years and now all of a sudden my vision is perfect. But I digress, about a month after my surgery (end of June), I re-booked my medical and interview and was told again that I had to wait. This time for about 3 months after the surgery, after which I would have to get a couple of forms filled out.

Fast forward to August and literally the day I was eligible to get the forms filled out I did (exactly 3 months), I handed them in DIRECTLY to the medical office (in case they got lost in the mail), and 2 weeks later got a call saying I was medically fit.

All in all, the process took me about 7 months plus the time I will spend on the waiting list. Does anyone have any estimates on the average someone will be put on the list? Any help would be appreciated.
Difficult to say how long you will be wait listed.  It depends how many files are being considered, and how well you were rated, and when the next series of officer courses are being opened for loading.  Typically, the fall courses are filled by now, and the next series of courses would be starting in Jan/Feb 2009.  The offer could come next week, or it could be made mid-Dec --IF -- you are selected.
Not that anyone will read this, but I just got my offer today to go to the January session of BMQ :) can't wait!
Congratulations - and good luck.

Don't be discouraged at the lack of responses - as I write this I notice that there have been 197 views of your post/thread.