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Sell back Feature


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  Hey all, so recently I have been playing a lot of Afghan Ops. The game is truly addictive, I'm constantly checking up on my account every night before bed and every morning before work/school.
  After a few weeks (I think this is my 3rd week actively playing the game) I have came to the conclusion that a neat feature to add into the game would be a way to sell back items to the Quartermasters Stores for half price. For example, I often get the random items for playing x amount of days in a row that I probably won't use, or just leftover items from missions that don't provide very much CE anymore. (Also I accidentally bought 465 Tea instead of 45 while doing the "Observe a Shiura" mission I would like to get rid of  :facepalm: )

  Either way, I am really enjoying playing AO and will continue to until I can catch up to all you high-ranking users in pursuit of one of those Army.Ca bumper stickers. I just thought I'd share my thoughts, if you don't like my idea that's fine, it's just an idea :) Thanks for hearing me out!