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Satellites show Pakistan building new uranium enrichment facility- Sept.2016


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Cause for India to worry?

Satellite imagery suggests Pakistan building uranium enrichment facility

IHS Jane's 360 - 16 September 2016
The area is approximately 1.2 ha in size and is located within the secure area of the KRL in the southwestern part of the complex, which is situated in Pakistan's northeastern Punjab Province.

Roughly rectangular in shape and approximately 140 x 80 m, the new structure is surrounded by scrubland and trees that provide an additional measure of security on the ground.

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As Pakistan continues to refine and enhance its nuclear capability, the country's officials insist that such modernisation efforts are the result of indigenous production and that, since the dismantling of the Abdul Qadeer Khan nuclear smuggling network in the early 2000s, the country has had a strong non-proliferation record.


Airbus Defence and Space imagery showing the progress of construction at the possible new uranium enrichment complex near Kahuta. Source: CNES 2015. Distribution Airbus DS/2016 IHS