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RFI: NSN For AR FPV Medium Regular Front & Rear Envelopes & Shoulder Armor?


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Hello, I am making a short run of your AR CadPat Fragmentation Protective Vests. I am having some resin-treated white fabric labels made for the front and rear carrier envelopes as well as the "football"-shaped shoulder armor. I only have examples of the OD Interim Medium Regular and Large Regular FPV as well as a Large Short TW CadPat FPV for NSNs, I have not been able to find a photo the actual Medium Regular AR CadPat FPV. I will use a ficticious company name to differentiate this from the original issue, although everything I'm using with the exception of the shoulder strap black mesh, is mil-spec. I'm using the 500d Cordura Nylon AR for the front, a sand tan 500d for the inner face; Mil-W-43668 1" nylon webbing, black oxided brass #24L Durable Dot Snaps and #00 grommets.. I even have some of the smooth taslan like AR fabric for the armor collar lining. Here's the front carrier envelope finished.

I was able to find photos of the mid to late issue AR Medium Regular FPV front and rear carrier labels but not the football-shaped shoulder armor/pauldrons. If somebody can help me with that I'll be able to have laser printed resin treated labels made for these FPV. And possibly the Large/XLarge AR CadPat football shaped shoulder armor/paudrons NSN too, please.


  • Med Reg AR FPV Rear Label1.jpg
    Med Reg AR FPV Rear Label1.jpg
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    Med Reg AR FPV Rear Label2.jpg
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