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Reserves and the RCMP (and Other Civilian Police)


Great work.  I know how much of your heart and sole you put into this. 

Much appreciated. You played a big part in this as well and helped to keep me motivated and on target.

I hope the new gig is going well. There must have been some astonished faces when you walked in the door! How was the reception?

No Neck,

I've got a few senior people (well, at least they're more senior than me which isn't hard to do) interested in this recent development of yours. Could you PM me with the details I need to direct them to the right place for more information?

Thanks for your help.
So crazy cats, what's the latest? I looked up the most recent QR&O and didn't see the changes I was looking for :( I'm itching to get back in!
I for one just went down to the local unit and got the papers to get back in! and surprise surprise, the recruiter KNEW the lastest!
Patience is something that I have learned and mastered with regards to this issue over the previous 6-7 years.

Both organizations have signed off. We are now waiting for the Privy Council to finalize the issue with an Order in Council. The recent Town Hall web forum quotes the DLRes as stating within the next few months.....Maybe shorter.

39 CBG Recruiting Cell in conjunction with CFRC Vancouver are anticipating future tasks and are accepting the applications of RCMP members. These members will be processed up to and just short of swearing in until such time as the QR&O amendment is made. By starting the process now, it will cut significant time off the re-enrollment period. In addition I have been advised that they will accept the MPRR as VFS and start all paperwork based on that document/printoff.

That being said i have already spoken with several recruiters from across the country that had heard whispers of this. However their chain of command was reluctant to initiate change without instruction from higher....so be advised this may happen in other areas of the country.

For all those members looking to get back in, PM me and I will give you my ROSS address. If possible I may be able to facilitate some communication between units and those in the loop. Rest assured that as soon as the amendment is made I will announce it on this means ASAP.

Ladies and gentlemen,
7+ years of work by the Unholy Trinity and here it is. There will be more to follow in the near future including an update to the Canada Gazette (due on  March 6th) and a CANFORGEN to follow in the next few weeks. While the OiC is vague, the intention is quite clear.



>Order in Council 2007-215 has just been posted on the internet:
>Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of
>Minister of National Defence, pursuant to subsection 12(1) of the
>Defence Act, hereby amends the Queen’s Regulations and Orders for the
>Canadian Forces, in accordance with the annexed schedule.
>Sur recommandation du ministre de la Défense nationale et en vertu du
>paragraphe 12(1) de la Loi sur la défense nationale, Son Excellence la
>Gouverneure générale en conseil modifie les Ordonnances et règlements
>applicables aux Forces canadiennes, conformément à l’annexe ci-jointe.
>Which goes on to state:
>2007-0215  2007-02-22    ND
>National Defence Act
>which would exempt serving members of the RCMP who enrol in the Reserve
>Forces from regular military training exercises and from active military
>duty at the same time as they are required to perform their duties as
>officers (Article 9.04).
The amendment became official today. It can be viewed at the online QR&O's web site as follows:


(5) A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police may be enrolled in the Reserve Force. (22 February 2007)
(M) (1 February 2007)

For all that have helped or offered encouragement over the last 7 years thank you.


As of today, the QR&O's have been amended to allow regular members of the RCMP to serve in the PRes. This has been a seven year endeavour that was championed at the senior levels of both organizations. Posted here and on the RCMP thread in order to achieve widest distribution.

Details as follows:



(5) A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police may be enrolled in the Reserve Force. (22 February 2007)

Great to see this out, though I feel bad for those that have recently released from the PRes so as to go to Depot...I personally know a few
Excellent news! 

I'm working my way through the recruiting process - just completed the PARE last week - so I've been following this pretty intently.
I'd imagine that realistically staying up to speed though would depend on if you got posted to a place near a reserve unit - but at least you don't have to outright quit prior to completing training and getting hired!
Very valid points, that's why (via these means) I have been advising applicants to not release from the PRes until their last week at Depot and then merely transfer to the SRR. Which is not an active portion of the PRes ( The grey area) and you can still belong to it under the old rules.

As far as postings, yes that will effect ones ability to parade with a unit, however at least now you have the choice. Anyway the LMD is always needing members, as long as you don't mind paying 600K for a detached home in the burbs.

Congratulations Noneck.  I know how hard you have worked towards this.