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Reserve Friendly Jobs


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Good Morning,

First of all, my apologies if this is the wrong forum.

I am currently in the tail end of my application process for Primary Reserves, and also at the tail end of my contract with my employer.
Hence, I am looking for another position. Does anyone have experience with jobs which are reserves friendly (i.e. They wont fire you if you go on your courses)?

I'd love to hear your stories, and advice.

Many big American companies bring their USA benefits packages along to Canada - some of them have 'top up' for reserve service.
The last time i checked, many provinces have legislation in place that allows you to take time off work for military service. Look into this matter in your provincial statues. There may be maximum blocks you can take off at a time and still have your job protected under legislation.

Also, every year the military gives out awards to employers who are accommodating towards their reserve force employees and their service needs.