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Requesting Help: C7 & General Marksmanship "Cheat Sheet"


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Hey all,

having done my infantry training this summer, and having returned to my unit, I noticed that many people, myself included, were quickly getting "rusty" on the things they had learned. To help combat this, and maybe help my fellow soldiers out, i've decided to start producing "cheat sheets" with the essential info of our most basic weapons: the C7, C9, C6, M203, 60mm Mortar, etc. The only criteria that I set for myself was that the information should fit, double sided, on one sheet of paper, and that no long descriptions were provided--just the steps and facts to stir the memory of something we all have already learned.

I have finished the first draft of my first pam, and would like to open it up for critique here. Keep in mind that I'm "new," so i'm sure there are some mistakes, but I figured that I could likely get the most feed back here. Once done, this little project could be a great service to all, new recruits and older members alike.

The link for the first pdf is found here: http://thatoldfool.googlepages.com/C7guideDraft.pdf

I look forward to hearing your comments!


C7 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: It's 'standing load', not 'Stand and load'. If you 'stand and load' and then pull back the cocking handle you might catch a slap upside the head. Also, you don't necessarily fire the action towards the ground- you fire it in your designated safe direction.

Otherwise, not bad at all.