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Remains found at Kamloops residential school 'not an isolated incident,' Indigenous experts and leaders warn

So ”free speech”, as long as that “free speech” is first approved by the Indigenous Representative to the U of L student council?

Or any other unelected, unaccountable, self-serving, virtue signaling organization ;)

Some people are still under the naïve belief that any part of the educational system, particularly the post secondary part, is still a bastion of free speech, inquiry and exploration.

Using the assumption that one needs a modicum of intelligence to be accepted at a university, some of those folks might want to inform themselves of the 'hate speech' laws in Canada.
Problem is that if you start pushing for factual details, you get shot down. Very few people deny the residential school systems or that it was a bad idea. Or that government policy on FN's was self-defeating. But there is a strong desire currently to paint FN's as these holier than thou people that lived a life that was close to utopia at the time this was first implemented. I would love to see an educational component that covers both the good and bad of the various Indigenous cultures from pre-contact, contact and, implementation of the residential school system and attempts to change and reform it and government maleficence to stymie those changes, Sadly there are many people both indigenous and non-indigenous that do not want a real factual discussion as it does not serve their agendas.

You things like slavery, cannibalism, and a considerable amount of warfare that included one nation taking land from another nation?

I'm guessing we will probably never see cancel culture cross that line to the point that we see specific first nations excluded from land acknowledgements or see Brantford renamed.
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You have erred Comrade, its off to the re-education camp for you........

There is a well documented methodology available, fortunately ;)

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You have erred Comrade, its off to the re-education camp for you........

-5 (social credit deduction). Warning: any further credit loss will see your authorization to operate a MV reduced by 500 kms per month until your credit raises above baseline of zero (0).
You have erred Comrade, its off to the re-education camp for you........
Now you’re getting it!

Btw have you developed secret police with a network of informants?
Or re education camps? You know where the counter revolutionaries are dealt with? Nudge nudge wink wink 😉