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reg physical ?

ty guy

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Im about to do my physical/medical in a couple days for the Regs and I was wondering if there are any test (pushups, stair climb, ect.) or is that done in basic?
Thank you
There are lots of threads about this topic. To short answer your question, if you are reg force your physical will be done in BMQ.

If you have not started with physical training on your own it will be harder to do in BMQ.
0010bravo said:
if you are reg force your physical will be done in BMQ.

This is not entirely correct. The fitness test is performed during BMQ/BMOQ for reg force, but there is a physical exam (medical) performed during the recruiting process. During the medical, the only physical "task" that they made me do was the duck walk for a few feet.

It's the same kind of basic exam you do at any clinic. They want to see simply if you don't have any disability, illness, treatment...etc. The physical exam Will be just before your BMQ
When I did my medical they really check out your legs and feet. I guess lots of recruits complain during marching etc.. Medics are making sure that there is no excuse before leaving to BMQ.