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Recruiting Posters, Slogans and Commercials [Merged]

I think we're need to take a page from the Scandinavians.

Two women wearing a military style uniform, hugging, does not show the strength and the success of women in the military. How does a hugging photo attract anyone to join, really?

I'll see if I can track it down, but the Norwegian Army had a fantastic recruiting campaign of "Modern Day Valkyrie" and "Modern Day Shield maiden" that were friggin' awesome. Women all geared up in fierce warrior poses.

A co-worker of mine was recently hired as a police officer, she would have never ventured that path (background in aeronautical engineering) had it not been for a poster she saw of a female Peel (?) Regional Tactical Officer. I showed her this poster and she said "that doesn't tell me anything about the job or the organization"
That picture is weak sauce. It's also not even Canadian Forces members in the picture.

If you want some glimpses of women in the Canadian Forces (or CF members just kicking ass) here's a good youtube video.  Hugging however is absent.

Coffee_psych said:
So I came across a few posters in the recruitment office in my hometown targeting women to join the army.  I thought the posters were tasteful and showed a good side of what the CF was trying to do. This article describes how they are trying to increase the number of women in the military from 16% to 25% in only 3 years.  One of the posters (in the article below) is of two women hugging, however some people decided that the posters were too "lesbian-y".  If you're a woman or a man who has many women in your life, you would know that women hugging is a very common thing.  Even gay women and straight women hug all the time.
So I want to know, do you have a problem with this advertisement? Or do you think it fits in with other campaign material to get women to join the CF?

First off that material is from 1-2 years ago and as mentioned already and as far as I can tell, the individuals pictured aren't wearing CAF Uniforms.  Not to mention, what does a picture like this really say about a career as a "working" member of the CAF?  I'm sure they could come up with something better.

Also keep in mind, that the CAF doesn't produce these marketing campaigns "in house".  They are put out to tender, so they tend to go to the lowest bidder from the private sector (ie; Civilian Marketing Agencies).  So you now have a civilian company creating a Marketing Campaign who has little if any knowledge and or experience about what it is to be a member of the CAF, let alone why anyone would want to join.  Sounds like a job for the FNP in the Agency to handle.  ;)  Campaign materials/proposals are returned back to the Department for review, so I'm sure people in uniform, along with civilian DND Marketing staff looked at this and many others.

It's difficult at best, if not impossible, to market a career in the CAF for women when you're faced with bad Press coverage created by bad applies in your organization and all organizations have bad apples.

Being a women and having a career in the CAF, merely makes you another valued member of the "team".

George Wallace said:
The Canadian media and public more often than not will pick any photo of military personnel or equipment to augment their 'statement'.  They are not in any way familiar with AFV or uniform recognition, so will most often pick a photo that they find first in their search, which quite often is an American publicity shot. 

Solution:  All MEDIA must take AFV and uniform Recognition Courses.    (We all know that will NEVER happen.)


This is how the USMC 'communicates' with some braver members of the media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlwWO-MqlyA

I've seen the Royal Marines do similar 'acquaints', as they call them, with great success. They even got a couple of recruits out of it as some of the media folks realized that their true calling did not invovle shooting with a camera :).

News article suggests CAF is doing very well with gender equality and in getting women into leadership roles.
MCG said:

News article suggests CAF is doing very well with gender equality and in getting women into leadership roles.

Except for the Infantry, of course. Based on my observations anyways.
I personally think there needs to be a stronger marketing campaign for the Canadian Armed Forces - I'd say the general public, other than those who are avid military fans, or have had someone they know serve, or a family member, don't know exactly what occurs within the CAF and the amount of amazing opportunities with respect to work, not to mention there is nothing better than doing a job that serves the people, your country, etc. To be quite honest, I don't know when the last time was that I saw any form of marketing campaign or advertisement to entice others to join, or at the bare minimum investigate further into the opportunities. For me it's always been a passion of mine, and I love to serve, especially my country, and my people. Would be pretty cool if the CAF got some badass billboards made for the Gardiner Expressway - I'd much rather see that then the next Drake cd cover...but that's just me.