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RCMP reunite stuffed ‘Kitty’ and 18-month-old owner


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Damn allergies (yes I am allergic to cats and we have two)

Published Monday, March 11, 2019 11:31AM MDT 

A stuffed animal who was separated from her owner during an RCMP child seat screening has returned home—but not before going on an adventure with local police.

RCMP, along with Alberta Sheriffs and Athabasca Community Peace Officers, conducted a child seat check in Athabasca on March 4.

Officers ensured child seats were installed and being used properly and safely.

But at the end of the check, a spotted, rainbow-furred cat was found lying alone in the snow.

“An investigation was began, and with the assistance from their media partners, the Sheriffs and Mounties were able to locate and make contact with the mother of 18-month-old Charlie of Athabasca,” RCMP said.

Charlie was said to be “missing her ‘Kitty’ terribly.”

Until Kitty and Charlie could be reunited on Saturday, Kitty worked alongside officers in their patrol cars.

On March 9, when Charlie and her mom arrived at the RCMP detachment to pick up Kitty, the toddler could see her beloved pet sitting inside the police vehicle.

“Charlie began to excitedly yell ‘Kitty, Kitty’ and pointed to the inside of the police truck.”

RCMP said Kitty was met with “a fury of hugs and kisses.”

The friends spent some time with officers, before returning home.