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Questions about joining the Reserves

Likewise the time to transfer once you are already in the reserves makes whatever money/experience you make not worth it.
do NOT join the reserve to transfer , been there , done that , worst decision anyone could make !!!

Hello everyone, I have always wanted to join the Military as a MPO because down the road, I see myself as a civilian police officer. I am talking about 15 years or so down the road.

Anyways, I want to know if I will be sent over seas right after my Basic Military training (14 weeks for officers), or will I be transfered to Borden, Ontario for MPO qualification course.

Few questions (I will be updating this thread as I think of anything that comes in my mind. My apologies in advance as I work from 10 am to 7 pm and can't make it to the recruiting centre for guidance. This forum and you guys are my best options)

- If I am sent over seas, what are chances of me landing in a war zone? I am aware that a lot of MPO serve with embassies around the world. As an MPO, will I be taking part in regular patrolling with Infantry units on daily basis, like we see in Afghanistan, or will my responsibilities and tasks be limited to the military base? This is probably the single biggest question I have in mind which I am embarrassed to ask really. Its not that I am scared to take part in operations Its just that I have a different image of what MPOs do.

arushbhai said:
I will be updating this thread as I think of anything that comes in my mind.

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OP: arushbhai
Friends that are in reserve, Please get in here.
arushbhai said:
The only problem is, I wanted to join the Military police reserve which in my area, I have armour reserve. Do you think, It will help me become a cop? My goal is to get as much experience as possible from reserve so my resume looks good for police when I apply.

arushbhai said:
I have always wanted to join the Military as a MPO because down the road, I see myself as a civilian police officer.


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As always,  Recruiting is your most trusted source of information.
You've been on this Site for five and a half years, now, which is more than long enough to have researched the relevant older threads here rather than continue to ask sub-basic questions. If you are not willing to put a little effort into learning from what is already available here, I seriously doubt that you are serious enough to put in the effort to apply, let alone succeed.
19A GO bus to Shepard/Yongue leaves from Square One and will take you straight to the CFRC Toronto

I suggest you go in person and meet with a recruiter, this will seriously benefit you if you want some fast and correct information on your plan with the CF
arushbhai said:
Hello everyone, I have always wanted to join the Military as a MPO because down the road, I see myself as a civilian police officer. I am talking about 15 years or so down the road.


What happened? Are you alright? You were going to join since 2010. Why are you still thinking?
Adding for Reference,

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CanadianReserve said:
I have been looking in joining the reserve for a while now and I have decided to join. The main reason I am posting this is I am currently employed at a job that requires me to work (40 hrs/week) and I was wondering with the Training required for any position in the Canadian Armed Forces would it be possible for me to join?

Sergeant Laen said:
Good Day,

Training requirements for the Primary Reserve vary depending on the unit you're joining and the occupation that you would like to become.  Unfortunately we cannot give a simple answer to your query above.  I highly suggest that you visit the Reserve unit that you're interested in joining and speak with the unit recruiter and the individuals at that unit.

Just as an example, the Naval Reserve only does Summer BMQ where you have to be gone for 8 weeks.  The Army Reserve has co-op BMQ, weekend BMQ and summer BMQ.  Beyond that each trade has it's own training time, some occupations have really short courses (2-3 weeks) for their trade course, others can be closer to 3-4 months for the Reserves.

Best Regards,
Sgt Laen
Eric16 said:
Just curious xD

Regular/ Reserve: Reserve

You are applying as a Reservist,

From a CAF Recruiter in 2012,

DAA said:
CAFIB 20 is a "Permanent ID Card" and the CAFIB 13 is a "Temporary ID Card".  CAFIB 13 is issued by your local Military Police Ident Section.  Your Res F Unit should provide you with an ID Request Form and make an appointment to be processed.  The CAFIB 20 will follow in a few months.

Also, I don't believe they use the term "CAFIB" any longer.....I think it has been changed to NDI 20 or 13.

CFAO 26-3

George Wallace said:

It is now:

Temporary ID card is a NDI 10
Permanent ID card is a NDI 20

I'm in the process of applying to the Army reserves, specifically 32 CER. I initially contacted a recruiter for 32 CBG who sent me the necessary forms etc and instructed me to first fill out the online application. However, soon after I submitted my application on the GCKey site (I haven't finished gathering my paper application materials and diplomas etc) I was contacted by another recruiter, whose unit I'm not sure of.. my question is, should I book a file submission with one or the other, and should I tell one of the recruiters that I already have been in contact with another... and if so, which one? Pardon my cluelessness on all this.  ???
(I haven't been able to find the answer to this question elsewhere on the forum which is why I'm posting)

Primary Reserve "recruiters" are really just the initial contact point for you trying to apply - once you've filled out the application and handed in the paperwork, you'll likely be contacted by a recruiter with the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group (from a local recruiting center - CFRC).  The names and people handling your file may change several times as you go through the process, but they all look back at your "file" (what is generated when you apply online).

So,  You've either been contacted by another recruiter at 32 CER to bring in your paperwork, or by another recruiter at the CFRG/C trying to move your file closer to completion.  Just carry on with their directions.  A reserve unit usually just takes your information and forwards it on to the Recruiting Group regardless.

Thank you, that makes sense.
They both sent me identical sets of forms however - and they're both emailing from 32 CBG. Additionally they have both asked me to book a file submission with them individually. Since they're asking me to do the exact thing, should I perhaps book the submission with the first recruiter I contacted and tell the second one of the situation?
Thanks again.  :cdn:
32 CER and 32 CBG are two very different organizations (one is a Unit, the other is a Brigade Group).  One is where you are applying to join and work at, the other is the Higher Headquarters (Think regional office). Not to assume, but is it possible one request is from the Unit, the other from the Brigade?

Sometimes communications are not as clear between the two organizations as they should be, or even within the same organization  - I'd just e-mail both individuals and ask who specifically is working on your file for the paperwork, you may be saving both of them a lot of wasted effort duplicating your file, etc.

Best of luck.
That's a good point - I'm obviously still getting used to all this, thanks! I'm not sure which is which so I will email both.
Thanks  :cdn:
i have personally dealt with 2 or 3 recruiters at the local unit i'm applying for (36 CER) and when the application was forwarded to the Recruiting Centre, i have dealt with more than 6 different recruiters with varying ranks over the past 2.5 years (my application was a bit length because i was born outside Canada)
Hello, I am new to the forum and have a question regarding meeting a recruiter before applying to the reserves. My son is in grade 11 and eagerly wants to join the Army Reserves. We checked out all the info pertaining to the application process, requirements, job descriptions, etc on the Forces web site but the kid still has some questions to which we have not been able to find the answers on the web site. So, we thought we would contact the local reserve unit recruiting officer as recommended on the web site, but the only response we got was a one-liner saying "submit your application and then you can meet a recruiter". Is that really so? There is no way to meet and talk to a  recruiter and have one's questions answered before actually applying? Thanks in advance for any help! Sndr.
You should be able to go down to you local Reserve Unit Armoury and talk to the unit recruiter directly.