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Question re rel item . . .


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Has anyone had their Release Item changed after they released? I.e., from 4a to 3B? I ask because in retrospect, I believe I should have been med released. While I cannot divulge too much info and circumstances, I was diagnosed with profound PTSD. I told my doc (ex-mil contracted civi) that I wasnt coping and he just brushed it off. He laso claimed not to have received the diagnosis (said it was sent to the "wrong doctor") and thus he didnt see it for six months. Even when he did see it, he never sent me for eval; I had to intiate it myself with a civi and get reimbursed in retro. I finally reached CRA and was rel, but feel my rel should have been 3B. Dont get me wrong, I'm not whining. But whats fair is fair and he wasn't. Thoughts/comments (constructive) welcome.
Haven't seen it changed to 3B but haven't dealt with releases in a while. last I saw was that it could be changed to add something about medical to the release so that the member could get some of the benefits.
No, you cannot have your release code changed, but it can be annotated "disabled". How one goes about that, I do not know. Perhaps talking to VAC might help. Another avenue might be the Ombudsman's office. While you can't file an applicaiton for Redress of Grievance once you're released, the Ombudsman's office should still be able to address your case.
The biggest benefits that come with a medical release are
1. Having the ability to draw on your pension right away.
2. Drawing your salary upon release for 2 years under CAF Long Term Disability (75% from CAF LTD plus 15% from VAC through one of their programs)
3. Having school paid for for a 2-year course (which is separate from the VAC education claim) in line with a second career.
4. I can't remember the name of it but you can get a 5 year period of preferential hiring for public service jobs.

They used to sometimes switch release items after release but that was done away with a few years ago. I have no idea if you would be entitled to those benefits with a switched release item if you somehow managed to pull it off.

If you're diagnosed with PTSD and it's believed to be service related submit a disability application through VAC. Your release item would have no bearing on that.
VAC is where all your good benefits and programs will come from like their rehab program and emergency fund (VEF).