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"Quebec man who tried to join ISIS sentenced to 9 years"

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From CBC.ca ...
A Quebec man, who was found guilty in June of attempting to leave Canada to join the extremist group ISIS, has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

Ismael Habib, 29, is the first adult to be tried on charges of attempting to leave Canada to participate in terrorist activity — a section of the Anti-terrorism Act enacted by Stephen Harper's government in 2013.

Quebec Court Judge Serge Délisle announced the sentence Friday afternoon.

"This wasn't a utopian or irrational project of a manipulated adolescent. Rather, it was done with perfect knowledge of the objectives of the Islamic State and its methods used," Délisle said. "The offender multiplied his efforts to get to Syria to join the Islamic State."

"He didn't plan on getting there to play a passive role. He was ready to do anything for the Islamic State, up to dying."

Habib, who was facing up to 10 years in prison, was sentenced to eight years for attempting to leave Canada and one year for providing false information to obtain a passport ...
More on this guy via Google News here.
Considering the heinous and monstrous stuff ISIS is doing to humans over there this guy should be given a life sentence and not allowed back in society.