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Problems and Bugs

I knew I was doing well, but I didn't know I was doing THIS well:

2012-12-30 00:01:47 airmich    100   Congratulations! You were Earner #1 for 2012-12-29!
2012-12-30 00:01:46 airmich    15    Congratulations! You were Earner #4 for 2012-12-29!

Mike, you need to take some points back from me.
I hope this is a bug!  I tried to get in and triggered 2 sad pandas.  I finally got in only to discover that I had lost all of my CR, my morale went from positive almost 2,00 to negative 1,000 and my refill time went from 07 seconds to over 9 hours. 
Mike, I just got the sad panda after trying to buy equipment, and now my already low morale (5?) is at -200 or around there!
I created a mission earlier this week that has not been approved yet.  So today I tried cancelling it because I got a better idea but could not the way I used to do it before.  Clicking on the missions tap it shows it pending approval but does not give me the option to cancel or edit...

I am writing today because despite the fact that I had gained at least one promotion on 10 Mar 13, on 11 Mar 13 the game has said that I didn't check in, and will be losing 40 morale points. I don't think this has happened before, but I thought I would bring it up incase there are others who are affected by this.

Good work with the game otherwise.

I went to add CR and I got Sad Panda'd.  Thinking I had hit something wrong, I waited my 8 second time out and tried again.  I got Sad panda'd yet again.  Only a 21 second time out but I don't think I will try anymore tonight.
I can't get on to AO from Firefox.

Server not found       
          Firefox can't find the server at army.ca.

No Joy on IE too.  Hasn't been much of any problems lately now that you have tweaked things Mike.  And usually if the site is down, so is AO, and vice versa.  I'm thinking maybe a FB problem then?
Since form 6pm through 11pm tonight, I keep getting the message,
"servers are too busy, check back in a few minutes".

It's been a long time since I've seen this problem with the game.
Been getting the error message ""servers are too busy, check back in a few minutes" a lot tonight.
Over the last couple weeks ever time I attempt to play missions, repeatedly, the 'please try again the server is currently busy' message comes up. Currently unable to do diddly. :rage:
Getting the "server is too busy error" again this morning.
How about turning off the loss of morale from missing CR?  Not from a lack of trying to get into the game. 
For me, the game is basically unplayable as it stands right now.
If I had the cash, I would go for some $ support.
Sadly, that will have to wait.
Even though I am yearning for an army.ca hoodie.