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Problems and Bugs

Mike Bobbitt

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Having a problem? Things not working as expected? Please post the details of your issue here. If there are any error messages, please try to include them.

Yeah, not sure why the roster isn't working, but it most definitely is not. I'll see what I can do to fix it, but in the mean time, I've just disabled it.
Am I supposed to see something like a game screen? Looking to make some coffee and wallow around looking for stuff and all I see is a status board, QM screen and nothing more.

Running Fire fox...is that the problem?
I suspect you're seeing it alright, but it's not like Farmville or those graphical type games. It's likely going to appeal more to the 'grognard' crowd because it's primarily stats driven. :)

What you should see is a list of available missions, with the related equipment requirements. Once you get the right equipment, you can conduct a mission by clicking on it... doing so will show you the results of your mission (was it successful, what did you earn, etc.)

I use Firefox as well, so that shouldn't be an issue. I've attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing now.
Just fixed the roster... The problem was that the way I loaded names from Facebook was very slow. As more users signed up, it got too slow and Facebook timed out. I was able to find a much faster way to get a user's Facebook name, so now we're all set.
Going to someones PER then clicking the linked name within comes up with "The page you requested was not found."
Good catch... I've turned that off. Originally, it would have taken you to the person's Army.ca profile... but not everyone wants that linkage public, so for now we'll leave it as just their Facebook name.
Not a game bug, but the title of the lead thread here is "Topic: Afghan Operations Game Accouncement". Not sure what an Accouncement is, but Announcement might make more sense.  ;D
I had originally quelled the KAF insurgency (and ones past that), but now instead of 0% and subdued KAF is showing up again as:

Location Action
Kandahar Air Field
Insurgency level:

And the task bar is back up to spend 2CR to quell it again.
Thanks PuckChaser... clearly I need to use the spell checker more often!

Petamocto, you've caught me twice now... hopefully I don't give you a third opportunity. ;) I fixed up your KAF insurgency... if you wasted any CR on it after the value went up let me know and I'll top you up again.

Mike Bobbitt said:
... if you wasted any CR on it after the value went up let me know and I'll top you up again.

Thank you but I didn't so not required.
I just thought I would mention:
if anyone on these forums playing the game does not want their actual name revealed online.... do not choose to have the player badge displayed on army.ca

I say this because the roster is much like a database that includes all names of people playing the game (it runs through facebook, so it knows your name)... and the player badge on army.ca is like a fingerprint that can be matched to the info on the roster.

Maybe instead of having our facebook names on the game's roster, there is a way to have our army.ca screen name show up on the roster instead?

Edit: added more

The link from the Milpoints section for "Milpoints FAQ"  http://apps.facebook.com/MilPoints/faq.php is a page that does not exist.
Thanks guys, both of those problems have been fixed. Appreciate the feedback and the ideas. :)
I played the game a little bit yesterday, and it worked fine.

But today, it has taken me back to the screen which says

"You have not linked your Facebook account to any account on Army.ca."

which I have not done due to the privacy concerns mentioned above by Mr Uncle Oddball Midget.

It gives me the option to 'skip' this page, but when I click that button, it just reloads the same page. I am thus not able to play the game.
After using my Beginner's Luck medal (+10 Max Combat Readiness for 12 hours, I thought it would be a good time to cash in my Look What I Found! Medal (Instant Combat Readiness Refill).  The refill ignored the bonus 10 CR :(  SS available.
Weekend Warrior Level 1 incentive didn't work, my Kandahar City insurgency is still at 22%.

Oops, found what went wrong. I have 3 locations already at Locked Down, so it won't lower anything. Should it work that way?
PuckChaser, you're right... I've fixed that medal to only drop the lowest insurgency that's not locked down. You and one other person had cashed that medal in... one of you had a location at 100%, so I dropped that by 20, the other person had already cleared all available locations. For the other person, I gave back 40 CR. Sorry about that mix-up!

canadiansavage, your problem looks like it may take a bit more work to fix up... the system isn't geared up for that at the moment. I did top you up with an extra 10CR for now though.

FoverF, thanks for the report... I'll check into that as well!